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The Forest: How to Find the Katana | Location Guide

The Katana is the best melee weapon in The Forest, but to find it, you’ll have to do some spelunking and a little bit of cannibal slaying first.




Of the few melee options available to you in The Forest, the Katana is undoubtedly the best melee weapon you can get. Not only is it fast enough to take down mutants, but you can also prevent them from even retaliating due to how insanely fast it is.

That said, if you want to get your hands on this weapon, you’ll need to find it inside a cave first.

How to Find the Katana in The Forest

To get the Katana, you need to head over to Cave 1 – Dead Cave which isn’t that far away from the river. The entrance to the cave isn’t obvious at first, but you can easily spot it with the bright yellow rope that leads downward.

Simply climb down the rope, head straight until you find another rope, and climb upward. Then, go left while following the wooden boards that are laid on the ground. Simply follow the path until you come across a room containing a lot of loots.

There, you’ll find a Yakuza corpse and the Katana right beside him. Simply loot the Katana and you’ll have it automatically in your inventory.

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