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The Forest: How to Get a Map and Compass

Many people may be turned off by the gloomy tale and violent gameplay of The Forest, but fans will like the slick gameplay and heart-pounding moments.




There is no method to navigate in the original Forest game – the player does not have a map with which to locate himself in the game’s environment, and there isn’t even a simple compass to show the world’s directions. 

How to Get a Map and Compass- The Forest

You could get the map and compass by dying, but that’s not what we are looking at. This method doesn’t work in multiplayer, and some players don’t like the idea. We are looking at how to get these items without dying. 

Navigate the Map

To begin, navigate to the map and look for the mountain located directly north. Then, remove yourself from the shrubs and trees to see the surroundings. You’d have to go up and out of the woods to get out of it. Beginners will have a more challenging time understanding the compass, but they will eventually.

It’s easy to find the mountain once you’re out in the open; it’s usually to the north. So make a turn and head south; if you keep moving left and right, there is a high chance of a cannibal attack, and it’s easy to become disoriented; so don’t forget to keep heading south until you see the shore.

Follow the Shoreline

The southern border of the map can be found here. Follow the shoreline to the left and continue straight until you see a hut. You move around it until you find a built-in portion. Enter the settlement via the route.

This is the game’s largest village. If you’re playing in hard mode or just average, keep an eye out for cannibals. It would help if you used a tree to go around these and up to the rock in the end. This rock contains a cave entrance. You use a rope to descend inside the cave.

Follow the Light

Turn around and proceed towards the light and the enormous opening once you’re down from the rope. The map and compass are both located there. The map will appear when you press “M,” and you can close and open it. It is effective in both the cave and the outside world. So, if you want to access either item, left-click on it, and you’ll have it. 

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