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God of War Ragnarok: The Oarsmen Nornir Chest Location

The Oarsmen Nornir chest is one of the many Nornir chests you can find throughout your adventures in Ragnarok.




God of War Ragnarok The Oarsmen Nornir Chest Location

Nornir chests are these special chests in Ragnarok that have runic inscriptions on them. Unlike the normal chests you can find in your adventure, Nornir chests require you to solve a puzzle before you can open them.

One such chest is the one that you can find in The Oarsmen area. In this guide, we’ll have a look at where exactly you can find this chest and how you can open it.

The Oarsmen Nornir Chest Location in God of War Ragnarok

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As the name implies, you can find this Nornir chest in The Oarsmen area. To get there, you have to head over to the Shores of Nine and head to the northern part of the Lake of Nine. Once you reach the area, look for the wall of Hel’s Bramble and burn it down to gain access to the underground.

You will be able to find the Nornir chest in the far right corner of the room after heading down the stairs.

How to Open the Chest

Now that you’ve found the chest’s location, now comes the tricky part. The puzzle is all about ringing all three bells in quick succession to open the chest. But to access the bells, you first have to make a path.

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To do this, scale the wall to the left of the locked gate and keep moving until you encounter a miniboss. After killing it, climb the golden chain to find a huge silver chain at the top. Interact with it to reveal a door that will lead you back to the building.

At the end of the corridor is a door that will take you back to where the Nornir chest is. As for the bells, there are the C Rune, N Rune, and R Rune bells. The C Rune bell’s ring last for a very long time whereas the other two are quite short.

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Credits: RetroGAMEz

So, the solution to this is to ring the bells in this order: C Rune > N Rune > R Rune.

You’ll find the C Rune bell to the left of the chest just right inside the crack in the wall. Make sure to hit it first with a ranged attack using your axe. Next to hit is the N Rune bell which you can find between the two staircases, just across a small chasm.

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Credits: RetroGAMEz

Lastly, hit the R Rune bell which is located to the right of the Nornir chest. As it has the shortest ringing time, make sure to hit it last.

What Rewards Can You Get

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As long as you follow the exact sequence of hitting the bells, you should notice the runes disappearing on the chest. This is an indication that it has been unlocked and you can finally open it to obtain its loot.

Well, as with any other Nornir chests, this one contains a Horn of Blood Mead which you can use to increase your maximum Rage.

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