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God of War Ragnarok: How to Get Second Muspelheim Seed Piece

Revisit the Muspelheim realm in God of War: Ragnarok by finding the last seed.




God of War Ragnarok How to Get Second Muspelheim Seed Piece

If you still remember the God of War from the 2018 version, the Muspelheim was one of the realms that are readily available and that can be explored during those days. It’s good news that in the newest version, God of War: Ragnarok, you can visit again the realm.

However, unlike the former that you can explore this at once, Ragnarok will be requiring you to find the Muspelheim seeds first in order for you to gain access to it.

Two seed pieces are needed for this. The first one is easy to find, unlike the second one which is a bit tricky. But since we are here, there is no task that is too tricky for you.

In this brief guide, we will be telling you how you can get the second and last seed piece to unlock the Muspelheim realm.

How to Get the Second Muspelheim Seed Piece in God of War

Once you have already found the first seed, go to Freyr’s Camp. This is where you can find the last seed piece to get access to Muspelheim.

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Freyrs Camp
Source: NerdBurglars Gaming

Start in this spot, and walk straight to the path on the left.

big chunk of rock
Source: NerdBurglars Gaming

After a few steps, you will see this big chunk of rock. Trace the side of this and you will see another path.

Face that way. When you do this, keep walking on the left side until you see the next picture.

jumping onto the land mass
Source: NerdBurglars Gaming

Cross this area by jumping onto the land mass in the middle of the water stream. On the other side, you will see a portion of a wall that is lit up.

middle of the water stream

What you have to do here is use your weapons to strike and destroy this wall. Once you do this, it will open up and reveal an outside location. Take a few steps and you will see a chest.

weapons to strike and destroy this wall

Inside this chest lies the last seed piece needed for you to enter Muspelheim.

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