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God of War Ragnarok: Vikings Gift Treasure Map Guide

Obtain this treasure map in this realm




God of War Ragnarok features a ton of collectibles. Along with many other things, there are artifacts, scrolls, runes, Odin’s ravens, and Nornir Chests.

The Buried Treasure, which consists of two sections, is one of these collections. The actual treasure, as well as the treasure map.

One of these maps is called Vikings Gift, and we’ll show you where it is.

Vikings Gift Treasure Map Guide in God of War Ragnarok

Vikings Gift Treasure Map Guide in God of War Ragnarok
Credits: NerdBurglars Gaming

The location of the hidden treasure is indicated by a picture and a written clue on a Treasure Map in God of War Ragnarok. There are instances in the realm where you find the map is also the location of the buried treasure.

The Vikings Gift is located in Midgard, and ten hidden treasures are hidden throughout the game.

Obtaining the Treasure Map, Vikings Gift

Obtaining the Treasure Map Vikings Gift
Credits: NerdBurglars Gaming

Vikings Gift is found in the realm that Kratos and Atreus call home. You can discover the treasure map and a Mystical Heirloom by looking around the area close to Tyr’s Temple.

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Visit the raider fort close to the Lake of Nine, northwest of Tyr’s Temple. West of the raider fort, the map will be on the ground.

close to the Raider Hideout
Credits: NerdBurglars Gaming

The location of the map is not far from the hidden treasure. It may be found close to the Raider Hideout. You’ll get the treasure in front of the enormous metal doors. Go there and take it to complete the Vikings Gift Treasure Map.

You will obtain the Midgards’ Justice Amulet Enchantment, 25 Shattered Run, 1 Stonewood, 1 Dwarven Steel, and 1 Honed Metal after completing this Treasure Map.

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