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My Time At Sandrock: How to Get Ghost Badges

In My Time At Sandrock’s Day of Memories Event, you are rewarded with Ghost Badges by participating in the event’s Commissions or the Ghost Hunting mini-game.




MyTime at Sandrock, the successor of My Time at Portia, is the latest installment in the ‘My Time at’ Series. Although this game was only released a few days ago, it has already garnered a significant following.

With the new Day of Memories event, Ghost Badges are one of the many resources in My Time at Sandrock that can help players progress through the game.

How to Get Ghost Badges in My Time at Sandrock

Ghost Badges are not a common or random item that players can just obtain at any time. They are rewarded by participating in and completing specific missions and games in an event.

To earn Ghost Badges, participants must partake in the Day of Memories summer event. This article will teach you the necessary steps to acquire Ghost Badges.

Acquiring Ghost Badges

To access the Commissions, you need to visit the Commerce Guild Store, where you will see the available Commissions on the Commission Board. After checking the Commission Board, you’ll start getting a message with a new Commission every day.

However, keep in mind that these Commissions are only available for a week during the event’s duration. You need to complete all of the Commissions as soon as possible to receive the exclusive rewards. Completing Commissions will award you with Ghost Badges.

Another excellent way to acquire Ghost Badges is through the Ghost Hunting mini-game, also included in the Day of Memories event. In the game, there are a total of two teams.

One will be called the Ghosts, where you will need to hide and not get caught within the time limit to win. Naturally, the other team will hunt for the Ghosts before the time limit ends to win. Participating in this mini-game will award you with Ghost Badges.

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