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My Time at Sandrock: How To Have Custom Pictures in Picture Frames

Here’s how to wow everyone with custom pictures in My Time At Sandrock!




My Time at Sandrock is a delightful life-sim RPG that allows you to transform a run-down workshop into a well-oiled production facility, explore a post-apocalyptic world, and engage in dynamic action battles. If you want to add a personal touch to your in-game home, you can place custom images in picture frames. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:

How To Have Custom Pictures In Picture Frames

Source: Nishi Kinuyo on Steam Community

Before you get started, make sure you have the following:

  1. Camera Feature: Ensure that you have the in-game camera feature unlocked.
  2. Crafting Ability: Be able to craft Picture Frames at your workstation.
  3. Custom Images: Have the images you want to display in your picture frames ready on your PC.

Step 1: Take and Save a Photo

  • In the game, use your in-game camera to take a photo. It doesn’t matter what the photo is, but for convenience, let’s assume you’ll use one of the picture frames we intend to modify.
  • Once you’ve taken the photo, save it to your in-game album.

Step 2: Locate the Photo Folder on Your PC

  • On your PC, navigate to the folder where the in-game photo album stores your pictures. The default path is usually “C:\Users[Username]\Documents\SandRock\ScreenShot[PlayerName].”

Step 3: Replace the Image File

  • Replace the in-game photo with your custom image. Ensure that your custom image has the same filename as one of the existing in-game photos and is in PNG format. While aspect ratio is not crucial, consider using landscape-oriented images to fit most picture frames. Changing the filename to your own format will not work.

Step 4: Put Your Custom Image in the Frame

  • In the game, select the picture frame where you want to display your custom image. Note that the thumbnail might not update to your new image, but selecting the frame will show your replacement image.
  • You can also crop the image using your mousewheel if necessary.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your image selection and cropping, press “Select.”

Step 5: Pick Up and Replace the Picture Frame

  • After changing the image, pick up the picture frame from the wall.
  • Then, place the same picture frame back onto the wall.

Your custom image should now be displayed in the picture frame.

Additional Information

  • If you’re using a portrait-style image, remember that only specific frames, like the “Yakboy Small Picture Frame,” use images in portrait ratio. The majority of frames are best suited for landscape-oriented images.
  • You might also receive a diagram for an “Exquisite Frame” during a mission, which has a near 2:1 aspect ratio.

Credit for this guide on how to add custom images to picture frames in My Time at Sandrock goes to the original creator, Nishi Kinuyo. This insightful and informative guide was posted on the Steam Community and we did our best to summarize everything!

Enjoy personalizing your in-game home with custom images in picture frames in My Time at Sandrock. This feature allows you to make your in-game world even more unique and enjoyable. Have fun decorating your space and making it your own!

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