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My Time at Sandrock: How to Unlock Planting and How Does it Work

In My Time at Sandrock, you can plant after completing a series of missions.




On May 25, 2022, Pathea Games released My Time at Sandrock, the sequel to My Time at Portia. You can create various structures, weapons, and equipment, similar to the last indie game.

My Time at Sandrock, unlike other games, is more than a sandbox. The game includes a story and a cast of characters with distinct personalities. One of its distinguishing features is the ability to plant.

How to Unlock Planting and How Does it Work in My Time at Sandrock

Planting is one of the unique mechanics of My Time at Sandrock that players can interact with; to either kill time or gain more resources. It’s an excellent way to ensure a consistent supply of ingredients when you’re ready to cook.

However, you need to unlock it first. This article will teach you how to unlock Planting in My Time at Sandrock and how it works.

Unlocking Planting

Naturally, the first step in Planting in My Time at Sandrock is to unlock it. Players cannot farm right away and must first complete a series of quests before they may do so.

These are the following missions:

  • The Old Man and the Tree
  • Moisture Farm Blues
  • The Grass is Greener

These missions are all Zeke’s requests, and the player and the Civil Corps will collaborate on them. You will eventually discover that Zeke is the only one working on the moisture farm.

Once you visit Zeke after his introduction in My Time at Sandrock, Geeglers will attack and destroy the device that makes farming possible— the Hydrogel.

During the mission, you will be asked to assist in creating an entirely new Hydrogel. You will need to go out and collect various ores, such as Copper and Tin, to smelt Bronze and Wood, Rubber, Leather, and other raw materials.

The journal will provide you with all the information required to assist Zeke. Zeke will teach you how to start Planting once a new Hydrogel is crafted.

By the end of the long and grueling questline, you will receive a Desert Planting Toolkit. Use this to:

  • Select where you want to start farming and activate Planting Mode.
  • Select where you want to make Straw Grids. These will indicate which portion of the land is used for farming.
  • Using previously made Straw Grids, choose a seed to plant and water it.
  • Rinse and repeat until you’ve created a farm in the size you want.
  • Harvest the plants when they’re entirely grown.

It’s crucial to note that the crops in My Time at Sandrock, as in real life, require water, which is also a resource you need to gather. Also, crops require multiple waterings. If you allow them to dry out for too long, the plants will die.

Another thing to remember is that some plants can only be harvested once, whereas trees are harvested numerous times before needing to be replanted.

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