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How to Complete Call of the Deep Quest in Diablo 4

Investigate what’s bothering Arrin Corse with our help.




“Call of the Deep” is one of the many quests in Diablo 4. You will have to investigate what’s troubling Arrin Corse in Corbach.

Arrin Corse is seeing terrible visions. His sanity is slipping away, yet he can’t investigate the source of these visions himself. That’s where you come in! Find the source of the madness and free his mind.

If you need help with this quest, read on and we’ll guide you through every step!

“Call of the Deep” Quest Walkthrough for Diablo 4

Source: Sipder

To start this quest, you will need to speak to Nora and Arrin Corse in Corbach. It’s a primary town in the region of Scosglen. You also need to complete “A Light in the Dark” first.

After speaking with Arrin Corse, you will need to head to the Drowning Caverns in the Jagged Shoals.

The easiest way to reach this location is by taking the northeastern exit out of Corbach. Then follow the path to the east until you see a climbing spot. Climb down and you will be in the Jagged Shoals.

Source: Sipder

After entering the Jagged Shoals, continue east until you find a path heading north. Follow the path to the Drowning Caverns. If you’re tracking the quest, it will be marked on your map.

Dungeon layouts in Diablo 4 are randomly generated each time, so we can’t provide exact directions to reach the end of this dungeon. Nonetheless, the dungeon should be simple and linear.

Source: Sipder

First, you will need to explore the first level of the Drowning Caverns. Your goal is to find a climbing spot that will take you down to Level 2.

Next, explore the second level of the dungeon until you find the area boss: Merinth of the Deep, Drowned Witch.

Drowning Caverns Boss: Merinth of the Deep

Merinth is a simple boss. She can do slow but powerful melee attacks with her club. Watch out for those, get out of the way when she starts swinging!

On top of that, she can spit puddles of water that cover the arena. The puddles don’t deal damage by themselves, but you shouldn’t stand on them. Torrents of water will sporadically burst from them!

Lastly, she can do a large water burst in front of her. As such, you should try your best to stay to her sides and back.

Once you kill Merinth, you simply need to return to Nora Corse at Corbach. Speak with Nora and the quest will be complete!

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