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Honkai Star Rail: How to Get Hertareum Fast

Get more of the Herta Space Station world currency!




Hertareum is the world currency for the Herta Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail.

Every world has its own currency that can be spent in the various shops you find. These shops will also give you rewards when you spend a certain amount at them, and the rewards include Star Rail Passes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can get more Hertareum.

How to Get More Hertareum in Honkai Star Rail

How to Get More Hertareum in Honkai Star Rail
Source: JFMSTR


You will mainly collect Hertareum by completing quests in Herta Space Station. Main Quests and Side Quests may all reward you with different amounts of this currency.

Just make sure to check your Journal and complete quests as they become available and you should amass a large sum of Hertareum!

Warp Trotters
Source: JFMSTR

Chests & Puzzles

You should also make sure to open every chest you encounter, including the ones guarded by Formidable Foes. Be brave and take their challenge!

Completing puzzles and defeating Warp Trotters should also provide you with some Hertareum. Puzzles usually lead to chests, too!

Interact With the World

However, there’s another somewhat underrated method: just interact with the many objects and NPCs around Herta Space Station.

Honkai: Star Rail
Source: JFMSTR

Honkai: Star Rail is chock full of secret interactions and missions for you to uncover as you explore each of the game’s locations, and they will frequently reward you with the relevant world currency.

For example, there’s a terminal in the Master Control Zone that’s playing some song. Choose to vote for this song multiple times and you will get 20 Hertareum and a new song for the Astral Express jukebox!

Master Control Zone

Another example is the meeting you can book in the Supply Zone. Book it from a terminal and then come back a day later to experience another event, earning more of the world currency.

The game is full of small rewarding events like these, so you want to make sure to thoroughly explore every corner and interact with everything and everyone you find!

This applies to every world you visit, mind you. They’re all full of secrets, so thorough exploration is always the best source of any world currency you need.

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