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Hogwarts Legacy Memory Leak Fix

Various potential fixes for this performance-degrading issue.




Hogwarts Legacy might suffer from a memory leak issue, which makes the game consume more RAM the longer you play.

This can lead to stutters and other performance issues, which will impact your gaming experience. It might even lead to crashes.

In this article, we’ll go over various potential fixes for this issue.

How to Fix Memory Leak Issues in Hogwarts Legacy

Source: Official Steam Store Page

The simplest fix, although a somewhat annoying one, is to just restart the game. Save as soon as you can and then close the game. Launch it up again and load your save back up.

This will clear up any memory issues that accumulated during long sessions of play, but it’s obviously not ideal. Especially because some players experience issues with memory consumption in very short playtimes.

Still, this should work every time for every computer and setup possible!

Source: GGRecon

You can also try changing some settings in-game. Some users report that the memory leak issues seem to alleviate or stop once they disable DLSS.

Confusing, right? DLSS should not correlate with RAM usage, but it’s still worth trying. Consider disabling it or using FSR2 instead, at least temporarily.

Source: Koshy John Memory Cleaner

Alternatively, you might want to try using third-party tools such as Koshy John Memory Cleaner. However, the effectiveness of such tools is highly-debated.

Some users report no difference at all, while others will say that it completely fixed the issue for them. It’s worth trying out, nonetheless, as it might just work for you.

If nothing works, you might need to wait for the game’s developers to release an update to fix the issue.

Source: Official Steam Store Page

Memory leaks are usually an issue with the game’s programming and there’s not much you can do to alleviate the issue if none of our other tips worked for you.

On that note, an update was recently released on May 4 bringing a large amount of fixes, including performance fixes. It might have fixed the memory leak issues, so try updating and playing the game.

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