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Honkai Star Rail: How to Use the Self-Modeling Resin

Modify your Relic’s main stat with the help of this useful and powerful item.




The Self-Modeling Resin is an item that you can get by leveling up your Battle Pass. Luckily, you can get it from the free track once you managed to get to Battle Pass Level 40.

As far as we know, there’s no other way to obtain the item rather than through the Battle Pass.

If you read its description, you’ll notice that it says it’s a rare material that you can use to make custom Relics. But how exactly does it work, and how do you use the item itself?

How to Use the Self-Modeling Resin in Honkai: Star Rail

Source: Mobile Game

Basically, you use the Self-Modeling Resin to change a Relic’s main stat via the Omni-Synthesizer.

However, this only applies to 5-Star Relics and those that have more than one stat. In other words, you won’t be able to use it on Head and Hands pieces since they only have one main stat.

Also, this only works for Relics that you craft, which simply means you won’t be able to use it on your existing Relic set pieces.

Source: Mobile Game

To use it, simply head to the Omni-Synthesizer and interact with it. In the interface, head to the Relics tab and click on the Salvage button.

Keep in mind that you can only unlock the Relics tab once you reach Trailblaze Level 40.

Source: Mobile Game

Choose which 5-Star Relics you want to salvage for Relic Remains which is a material that you need in order to craft another 5-Star Relic.

You can craft a 5-Star Relic using 10 Relic Remains, so the more materials you have, the more 5-Star Relics you can craft.

For this one, we highly suggest salvaging only those Relic pieces that you don’t need or those that have relatively mediocre stats.

Once you’re done, head to the Relic crafting tab and choose which Relic you want to craft. In the crafting interface, click on the Customized Synthesis button.

This will then automatically use your Self-Modeling Resin.

A new window will pop up which allows you to choose which main stat you want. Simply hit Confirm then click the Synthesize button afterward.

After that, you’ll then receive your newly crafted Relic with a highlighted stat that shows you the main stat you picked during the crafting process.

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