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Honkai Star Rail: How to Play Dr. Ratio | Best Builds, Relics, Team Synergy

Build him right and he’ll wreck everything.




Dr. Ratio is one of the strongest recent characters in Honkai: Star Rail, but you’ll need to learn how to play and build him to make the most of him.

His playstyle is somewhat unique, as he relies heavily on debuffs. He can capitalize on debuffed enemies to deal devastating damage to single units, making him perfect for boss fights and the like.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to play Dr. Ratio!

How To Play Dr. Ratio

Breakdown of Dr. Ratio’s Playstyle

Honkai Star Rail: How to Play Dr. Ratio - Playstyle Breakdown

Dr. Ratio is an Imaginary-element character who follows The Path of the Hunt. In keeping with Star Rail’s character categorization, he’s a single-target damage dealer much like other Hunt characters.

His primary gimmick is that he can deal extra damage to enemies that are afflicted by Debuffs. Which, on that note, it’s important to know what a Debuff actually is in Star Rail!

Debuffs are denoted by the red down arrow on the effect. These include effects like “Exposed” from Pela’s Zone Suppression ultimate skill.

Dr. Ratio using his ultimate

It’s important to know that not all negative effects are Debuffs, though. For example, Hanya’s Burden is a Status Effect but not a Debuff!

Nonetheless, just pay close attention to the Status Effects you apply and look for the red down arrow. It’s the telltale sign of a Debuff.

Now, with that cleared up, let’s talk about Dr. Ratio’s Talent: “Corgito, Ergo Sum.”

This unique talent gives Dr. Ratio a chance to perform additional attacks whenever her uses his main skill, Intellectual Midwifery.

The additional attack has a 40% fixed chance to happen, but every Debuff will increase the chance by another 20%.

The aftermath of Dr. Ratio's ultimate

Applying 3 Debuffs will boost the chance by another 60%, up to 100%. Basically, applying 3 Debuffs guarantees the follow-up attack!

If you kill an enemy before the follow-up attack goes off, it will still trigger, too. It will just be redirected to any other random enemy instead!

His playstyle is bolstered by his three Major Traces, all of which will increase the damage dealt by his follow-up attack or attack dealt to debuffed enemies.

Basically, Dr. Ratio requires you to stack Debuffs to deal massive damage!

Best Relics and Light Cones for Dr. Ratio

Honkai Star Rail: How to Play Dr. Ratio - Gear

The best Relics set for Dr. Ratio is the “Wastelander of Banditry Desert” set. You can farm that Relic set at the Path of Conflagration Cavern of Corrosion, in the Xianzhou Luofu’s Stargazer Navalia area.

Having two pieces of the set increases Imaginary Damage by 10%.

Having all 4 pieces will increase Crit Rate by 10% when attacking debuffed enemies, and Crit Damage by 20% when attacking Imprisoned enemies. It’s a perfect fit for Dr. Ratio’s Debuff-reliant playstyle!

As for the Planetary Relics, your best bet is the “Firmament Frontline: Glamoth” set. It increases the wearer’s attack by 12%, with an additional increase of up to 18% when their Speed reaches 160.

Dr. Ratio official key art

Now, for the stats on each piece, these are the ones you will want to focus on:

  • Body – Crit Rate and Crit Damage.
  • Feet – Speed.
  • Planar Sphere – Attack % Increase and Imaginary Damage.
  • Link Rope – Attack % Increase.
  • Other Important Stats – Crit Rate and Crit Damage will always be great. Also, focus on Speed until you reach at least 135. Besides that, Attack & Increase is always a good choice!

As for Light Cones, your best choice by far is “Baptism of Pure Thought” which is his signature Light Cone. It greatly increases his damage against debuffed enemies!

Alternatively, as a more free-to-play-friendly option, the “Cruising in the Stellar Sea” Light Cone is a solid choice. It increases damage against enemies that have less than 50% HP and boosts damage when defeating any enemy.

Best Allies for Dr. Ratio | Team Synergy

Honkai Star Rail: How to Play Dr. Ratio - Teammates

Considering that we’ve already established Dr. Ratio’s playstyle as being focused on Debuffs, his best teammates will be the ones who can apply Debuffs.

Some of your best choices are Guinaifen, Pela, and Silver Wolf.

Guinaifen is not a particularly amazing character on her own, but she can apply Burn and Firekiss debuffs. Both of them are AoEs, too!

Pela using her ultimate

Pela is a fantastic choice mostly because her Ultimate Skill lowers Defense for the entire enemy party. Not only do you get to apply a Debuff, but you also make enemies take more damage!

The main downside to Pela is that she will heavily rely on her Ultimate Skill, so you have to make sure that she has a good Energy regeneration setup.

Silver Wolf using her ultimate

As for Silver Wolf, of course, she’s a good ally for Dr. Ratio. She’s the queen of Debuffs, after all!

Silver Wolf can apply up to 3 Debuffs with a single skill use right out of the box. Building her right will make the Debuffs even more reliable, on top of making her apply up to 4 Debuffs per skill.

On top of that, she can even add Imaginary-element weaknesses to enemies that don’t have them already, further boosting Dr. Ratio’s potential!

Dr. Ratio killing a weak enemy

If you have Silver Wolf already, you absolutely should put her on your team alongside Dr. Ratio.

We highly recommend picking two of these characters and a healer, such as Luocha. For example, a team of Dr. Ratio, Pela, Silver Wolf, and Luocha would be extremely strong!

But, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know to play Dr. Ratio. If you still haven’t, don’t forget to claim your free Dr. Ratio character while you can.

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