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The Planet Crafter: Everything You Need to Know About Resources

This all-encompassing guide will go over all the resources currently available in The Planet Crafter, their uses and where they’re found.




There are many types of resources available in The Planet Crafter. If you need help knowing their uses and where to generally find them, this guide will help you.

Everything You Need to Know About Resources in The Planet Crafter

Resources in The Planet Crafter can be divided into a couple of categories as follow: basic resources, scarce resources, plant seeds, and vegetable seeds. We’ll delve more in-depth into each category and the resources found within each category below.

Basic Resources

These are your primary resources and are used for most things you can craft. They can be found all over your planet but also in crates and wrecks. They’re pretty easy to find overall.

The basic resources are as follows:

  • Iron: used to basic constructions like living compartments and backpacks.
  • Titanium: similar to iron but it’s used in more advanced creations such as tools and exoskeletons. It’s rare to find it in wrecks, however.
  • Magnesium: primarily used to craft Vegetubes and the like.
  • Silicon: used to craft things such as chips, screens, solar panels and such.
  • Cobalt: primarily used for oxygen capsules and reflective items such as screens.
  • Ice: used in the making of water bottles and Vegetubes. It’s found all over the planet until later in the game when you increase the temperature.

Scarce Resources

These are rarer resources that allow you to make more advanced tools. Generally, they have their own designated areas in which they can be found in good amounts, such as the Iridium Caves and the Sulfur Fields.

These are the scarce resources in game:

  • Iridium: used for anything that requires heating. Found in the Iridium Caves, somewhat to the north of the planet. Launching a rocket and triggering a meteor shower will also make some iridium appear near debris. Can be turned into iridium rods.
  • Aluminum: essential for advanced crafts like higher tier backpacks and tanks or food production tools. Found in gorges near the 600i wreck and parts of the Iridium Cave’s cave system.
  • Uranium: mainly used for nuclear energy. Found in crates and wrecks, or by triggering meteor showers. Can be turned into a rod like iridium.
  • Tissue: primarily used for decorative objects. Found in crates and wrecks. Can also get some by deconstructing objects that have tissue.
  • Sulfur: recently added to the game, it doesn’t have any particular uses just yet. Can be found in caves blocked by ice, so it’s an endgame item.
  • Super Alloy: used for high level tools like launch pads and nuclear reactors. Can be found in wrecks and crates far from the starting area. Found in gorges near the 600i wreck. Might also be found in the walls under the sandfalls in the northern part of the planet. Can be synthesized with an advanced crafting station.
  • Bioplastic nugget: used to make things such as the algae generator. Located mostly in wrecks and caves, but can be produced with a bio-lab.
  • Osmium: the rarest resource in the game, by far. Generally only found within secret caves blocked by ice. Can be found in crates and wrecks but you have to be extremely lucky. Don’t waste this resource.

Plant Seeds

Plant seeds can be used to, well, plant plants. This will improve oxygen generation in the planet, making you less reliant on oxygen capsules and such. Currently, they can only be obtained from crates and wrecks. All plants have the exact same function, but each one has a different oxygen multiplier.

These are the different plants in the game:

  • Lirna: the basic plant, default oxygen generation. Can be used to build the biodome and you have one seed in the crate in your ship from the start.
  • Shangha: has a 150% oxygen multiplier.
  • Pestera: 200% oxygen multiplier.
  • Nuina: 300% oxygen multiplier.
  • Tuska: 400% oxygen multiplier.
  • Gold: 600% oxygen multiplier. The rarest of the plants.

Vegetable Seeds

Finally, these vegetable seeds allow you to plant food and have your own farm. This is important as you can use food to restore your health. Much like plant seeds, food seeds can only really be found in crates and wrecks. Seeds do reproduce once a plant has fully grown, too.

  • Aubergine aka Eggplant: restores 25 HP. Used for the algae generator.
  • Mushrooms: restores 35 HP. Rarer than other seeds.
  • Squash: restores 40 HP.
  • Beans: restores 60 HP.

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