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The Planet Crafter: How to Get Seeds

Food found in crashed ships and old bunkers can sustain you for only so long. Sooner or later, you’ll need to start farming, and for that, you’ll need seeds.




Farming in The Planet Crafter requires seeds. Those can be rather hard to come by on an inhabitable planet, but there should be enough to meet your needs. That is if you know where to look for them.

How to Get Seeds in The Planet Crafter

How to Get Seeds in The Planet Crafter

The only way to get seeds is to loot specific Storage Chests and derelicts. The contents of those seem to be slightly randomized in each game, but the general area for finding seeds stays the same.

Now, since the items inside containers are finite in The Planet Crafter, you might be afraid you’ll run out of seeds at some point. But that’s not possible – after putting a seed in the Food Grower and harvesting the food, the structure will also return the seed you’ve used. So, every seed you won can be used infinitely to grow more crops.

Seed Locations in The Planet Crafter

Seed can be found in pretty much every derelict man-made structure in the game, so there’s not really a point in listing all of them. You should come across them naturally when looting those places.

Besides, to even start farming, you’ll need to increase the amount of Oxygen on the planet to 12.00 ppt. So, you’ll probably be well-versed with the game’s many locations at that point.

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How To Get A 4th Ingredient Slot For Necromancy In Spellforce Conquest Of Eo

Make the undead fight for you by using this guide!

Doben Villaruz



how to get a 4th ingredient slot for necromancy in spellforce conquest of eo

The Frozen Throne was one of the RTS games I previously played, and I recall playing the campaign and going up against the undead only to discover that you actually sided with the undead in the end. Given the discussion of the undead, some of you may be familiar with necromancy in Spellforce. If you’re lacking the fourth ingredient and are unsure of how to obtain it, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

The 4th Ingredient Slot For Necromancy

how to get a 4th ingredient slot for necromancy in spellforce conquest of eo2

It is important to note that you may complete all Necromancy concoctions, even Tier 3 units, with just the initial three ingredients. To make some of the more challenging undead, you will undoubtedly require higher quality ingredients.

However, if you have advanced in the game sufficiently to obtain the more valuable resources, you do not need the fourth ingredient.

how to get a 4th ingredient slot for necromancy in spellforce conquest of eo3

Open your Grimoire to see the location of the fourth ingredient for necromancy. When you’re in the Grimoire, use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to go to the Necromancy page; the icon is a malevolent hand emerging from the ground.

how to get a 4th ingredient slot for necromancy in spellforce conquest of eo4 1

There are a number of challenges there, and each one provides a prize. The first three tests concern spells. After successfully completing the first three tasks, you receive the Summon Necromancer Minions, Soul Cage, and Soul Catcher.

how to get a 4th ingredient slot for necromancy in spellforce conquest of eo5

But the Soul Well, a unique room, can only be accessed by completing the final task. You will receive new prizes as you unlock this room and add it to your tower, such as weekly souls, an extra army stack space, and the option to utilize a fourth ingredient when summoning undead creatures using necromancy.

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