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The Planet Crafter: How to Launch a Rocket

Rockets are an important late-game construction in The Planet Crafter. Let’s go over every step required to make and launch a rocket.




Rockets come in a couple of different types in The Planet Crafter. They have big effects on your planet, such as increasing heat generation massively or causing meteor showers which allow you to get more resources. Here’s how to make and launch your own rockets.

How to Launch a Rocket in The Planet Crafter

To get started launching a rocket, you’ll first need to start by constructing a launch platform. This is a fairly advanced construction. It’s huge, so you’ll need to find lots of space to place it. Also, it requires 3 super alloy, 3 titanium, and 3 iron.

If you have the materials, go into your build menu and construct it as usual. As said previously, though, it’s huge. Keep that in mind.

When you’ve constructed and placed the launch platform, you’ll need to climb it and find a crafting terminal. This crafting terminal allows you to craft the rockets themselves. They require somewhat different materials depending on the type, but all of them will require a rocket engine and 2 super alloy.

Rocket engines can be crafted using 1 Iridium rod, 1 Uranium, and 1 super alloy.

Gathering the resources is the hardest part, but at this stage you most likely have everything you need already. Once you have everything ready to craft the rocket, go back up the launch station to the crafting terminal. Simply choose to craft the type of rocket you want and it will instantly materialize at the launch station. Now you just simply need to press the big red launch button to send it to space.

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