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The Planet Crafter: How to Grow Food

Food is your main source of HP in The Planet Crafter. But how do you grow it? Here’s a guide for you.




This guide will guide you through every step of unlocking and using the food grower in The Planet Crafter. This construction will allow you to grow your own food, which you can use to recover HP.

How to Grow Food in The Planet Crafter

Growing food is not a very complicated process in The Planet Crafter. However, it has to be unlocked and worked towards. So let’s go over the steps required.

Unlocking the Food Grower

The Planet Crafter: How to Grow Food

The food grower is an unlockable blueprint found in the Oxygen category. This means you will have to reach a certain threshold of Oxygen in the planet for you to unlock it. You can check your blueprints from an information screen at your base. You need to reach 10.00 ppt Oxygen to unlock the Food Grower blueprint. To generate oxygen, you’ll have to plant and grow plants using Vegetubes. You can get plant seeds from wrecks and crates. Just work on your oxygen production until you unlock the blueprint.

Making and Using the Food Grower

The Planet Crafter: How to Grow Food

Once you unlock the Food Grower, you’ll need to construct one. It can be made with 1 Aluminum, 1 Iron and 1 Water Bottle. Just place it wherever you wish inside your base. Do note that food growers use a lot of energy, despite requiring few materials to craft them. Make sure your energy production is enough when placing them down.

Using the food grower is easy. Simply make sure you have vegetable seeds in your inventory. You get seeds randomly from crates and wreckages. Interact with the food grower to bring up your inventory. Just click on whichever seed you want to plant and you’ll plant it. Food will grow over time. Look at the grower to view the current status of your plant, such as its growth percentage. It’ll take a while. When it’s finally grown, look at the grown plant and click to collect it.

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