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Super People: Leveling Guide

Leveling is one of the many ways to gain an advantage over other players in the new Korean battle royale Super People.




It’s important to understand the multitude of ways to level up in Super People. Leveling up improves your skills and also unlocks new gear that you can use. All of this ultimately gives you the edge against other players.

How to Level Up in Super People

Leveling up in Super People is something that comes naturally. You can level up by simply surviving a long time, killing other players, and consuming super capsules. While this does mean that you level up at a consistent rate, it also does mean that more proactive players are likely to level up more. Players who make sure to get more kills and to loot more often will often have the edge when it comes to level.

However, the super capsules are definitely the fastest way to level up. You should make sure to keep an eye out for them and loot them whenever you get the opportunity.

Super Capsules Guide Super People

Super Capsules Guide Super People

Super Capsules are brightly colored pill-like objects generally found near the Medical Center. They come in 5 different colors, each leveling up a different skill.

  • Red, Green and Blue capsules: these all level up one skill of the same color. A green capsule levels up a random green skill, for example.
  • White capsules: these will upgrade 1 random ability.
  • Gold capsules: the best but also rarest of them all. These will instantly max out one random skill.

When you find a capsule, you can use them by clicking on them from your inventory. Do note that the animation takes a few seconds to complete, so make sure there are no enemy players nearby when you do so. Ultimately, these capsules are the fastest way to max out your skills.

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