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Super People: How to Craft Weapons and Gear Guide

Crafting is one of the main systems in the battle royale Super People. It can be used to upgrade your gear such as armor and guns.




Obtaining materials and crafting better gear is key to victory in Super People. The difference between basic gear and higher-tier equipment is huge in Super People. Players who stay on top of crafting definitely have an edge over those who don’t bother with the system.

Obtaining Materials for Crafting In Super People

You will also need to grab materials. These are found randomly thrown around on the floor but can also be looted from dead players. Make sure to grab everything you find as there are no weight limits to how much you can carry. If you don’t need something, later on, you can just drop it for your teammates.

Additionally, the game makes it easier to find the exact materials you need for your gear. Materials needed for your current gear are highlighted with gold beams when found on the ground. They also have a small icon show up over them, which lets you know they’re nearby. Even further, you can be specific by toggling the magnifying glass icon on your gear. This icon is in the bottom right corner of each piece of gear’s slot, including weapons. This will focus on the required materials, as well as show them in your minimap.

Lastly, when looting a dead player, you might notice icons on the lootable items. There are green checks over items if you already have them in your inventory. On the other hand, there’s a red circle over items that aren’t necessary for future crafting of your current gear. The latter ones can be ignored completely. This means that you mostly want to pick up any items without either of these icons.

How to Craft Weapons and Gear in Super People

Now, when you finally have the materials you need, it’s time to start crafting. You’ll notice on the bottom left part of your HUD, there’s a small “Crafting” window. This is right next to your minimap. This shows you things you can currently craft. Now you simply need to go to your inventory and click on what you want to craft. This is on the left side of the screen, under a “Crafting” column. Do note that the actual crafting itself takes a few seconds, so make sure you’re safe when you craft.

This works the same for both gear and weapon. As soon as something is crafted, it will replace the lower-tier version instantly. For example, crafting a higher-tier version of your gun will instantly replace your lower-tier version with the new one. This makes upgrading a pretty fast and intuitive process.

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