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Super People: What are the Best Classes to Use

The battle royale Super People featured a varied set of 12 classes. Which are the best ones?




With each class more or less covering a unique playstyle, which are the best classes to play in the new battle royale Super People?

What are the Best Classes to Use in Super People

The game features a variety of classes and playstyles, with 12 different classes in the game currently. However, you can not pick your class at the start of a match. Which class you get is randomized every match. Leaving and rejoining a lobby won’t change which class you get either, sadly. You can, however, use gold coins to reroll your class. You can also use even more gold coins to select a class. But by and large, you’ll be at the whims of fate.

Due to a combination of the randomization and the variety of styles covered by each class, which one is the best to use is going to depend on the player’s preferences. However, knowing the gist of each of the classes should help.

Shotgun Master

Shotgun Master super people

ULTIMATE: Tank Shotgun – Improves damage dealt on each shotgun round.

As the name shows, this class excels with shotguns. This means that you will have to make sure to get up close and personal with your enemies. The Shotgun Master’s perks are generally aimed towards helping them survive, with higher HP, improved mobility, and resistance against assault rifles, for example.


Driver super people

ULTIMATE: Monster Truck – You can spawn a monster truck with high durability.

A somewhat regular human in contrast to other classes. The Driver is aimed towards using vehicles for both traversal and combat. They’re equipped with perks that allow them to basically summon a car at will and deal more damage while mounted in a vehicle. Their ultimate allows them to summon a Monster Truck, even.

Gatling Soldier

Gatling Soldier super people

ULTIMATE: Spitfire – The explosive rounds will create an area of flames dealing damage to everyone affected. Additionally increases magazine capacity on the Gatling Gun and your defense is improved when firing the Gatling Gun.

A tanky, damaging class. Relatively straightforward, this class comes equipped with a gatling gun and a variety of perks geared towards helping them soak in damage while wreaking havoc with their weapon. As well, some of their perks help their mobility and make reloading almost unnecessary.

Strike Force

Strike Force super people

ULTIMATE: Dash – If you like better mobility, this is the class to use since its ultimate increases movement speed for 200% for five seconds.

This class is almost entirely geared towards mobility, being a run ‘n’ gun class. With perks that increase its speed, damage while moving and even fall damage negation. This class is expected to always be on the move. They also get some defensive perks on top of their mobility.


Sniper super people

ULTIMATE: Deadeye – Using a sniper with SM or DMR rounds, the ultimate will increase the damage dealt for each round by +50% for five seconds. Also, it increases reload speed and fire rate.

The long-range stealth class of the game. They are geared towards eliminating enemies from afar before they even know you are there. As such, they get perks to increase their damage, but also perks to increase their stealth options such as ghillie suits and muted footsteps. However, they aren’t very resilient, so they require caution when playing.


Seeker super people

ULTIMATE: Quick Slide – This is another class with improved mobility, but this time by improving your sliding. You can do three quick slides letting you get close to the enemy or run away for eight seconds.

A class focused on both movement and stealth. Agile and stealthy, they are meant to stay behind cover and find enemies before the enemies see them. As such, they get perks to track enemies, perks to set up traps, and perks to increase their damage when they hide behind cover. Not a particularly durable class, with a skill, set more geared towards being played as tricksters.

Gas Soldier

Gas Soldier super people

ULTIMATE: Fireball – You can launch a very powerful ball of fire towards your enemies using your flamethrower.

A medium-range class equipped with a flamethrower. Their other main tool is an upgraded smoke grenade that creates a toxic mist that damages enemies. With the Gas Mask perk, the noxious smoke from the grenade even heals you. Allies are also not affected by the smoke.


Marine super people

ULTIMATE: Fog of War – A sneaky class that unleashes a barrier of fog around you allowing you to hide from your enemies.

This class excels at amphibious combat. Better movement speed, less noise, and better damage while in water compared to other classes. Their ultimate also allows them to create a Fog of War that hides them from enemies and provides the same advantages as water does. They also deal more damage with silencers equipped and can use consumables faster.


Teleporter super people

ULTIMATE: Teleport – Just as the name suggests, this class allows you to teleport to a certain location within the range.

A tricky long-range class that uses their teleportation abilities to confuse and trick enemies. They have perks aimed towards reducing damage taken and improving their mobility. They also have improved recoil and damage when firing weapons in single-shot mode.


SWAT super people

ULTIMATE: Blackout – The SWAT class has a rather good defensive ultimate that creates a dome-shaped barrier that blocks your enemies’ sight.

A class specialized in rushing buildings and fighting indoors. They get perks towards breaching doors, which also cause instant smoke effects that buff them and debilitate enemies. Additionally, they also get perks to reducing damage taken in close and middle range encounters, making them tankier in those situations.

Firearms Expert

Firearms Expert super people

ULTIMATE: Forcefield – This is a very useful ultimate that slows down your enemies close by, giving you the advantage to escape or eliminate them.

A class that’s good with every weapon. Their perks are aimed towards improving their ability to quickly switch weapons, as well as quicker reloads. This makes them a sort of jack-of-all-trades class that is fairly prepared for every situation.


Nuclear super people

ULTIMATE: Tactical Nuke – This ultimate sounds scary, and to be honest, it is. Nuclear can launch a nuke that deals a lot of damage to enemies on the targeted area.

The perfect class if you love explosions. Equipped with an RPG and perks to upgrade their Molotov cocktails, this class is all about causing mayhem with constant explosions and fire. They also get perks to improve their hip firing accuracy and “weave” through bullets automatically. Of course, their ultimate is a tactical nuke that instantly kills all enemies in a given area.

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Dark And Darker: Complete Cleric Guide

Want be the best Cleric? Read this guide!

Doben Villaruz



I know that some people would think they are boring and only being kept at the back because they only heal and revive players, but in my own opinion support characters or “Clerics” are useful in combat because without them you won’t even survive in the first place, and when you’re in a pinch healing is definitely what you need. Healers are present in all cooperative video games that we play, whether they be online or offline games. So now we’ll discuss the builds and loadouts available to clerics in the Dark and Darker game.

Overview of the Cleric Class

One of the greatest classes in Dark And Darker, the cleric is practically a requirement if you want to take on the game’s most challenging content. It can heal, deal damage, and bestow buffs on your entire party.

  • Offer healing and boosting.
  • Given that you can use plate armor and carry blunt weapons, you’re not as weak as you may think.
  • Frequently the first target in conflicts
  • Best in team matches; less effective when used solo

Cleric Perks and Abilities

Here is a closer look at the advantages and skills of the Cleric:

  • Advanced Healer – Increases your healing by 5 HP.
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery – 5% more physical damage is added to you when you utilize a blunt object.
  • Brewmaster – Your character won’t experience the side effects of alcohol consumption.
  • Kindness – 15% of the health you restore to your character when you heal someone else.
  • Perseverance – This bonus lowers all incoming damage of all types by 3 points.
  • Protection From Evil – You suffer a 20% potency and duration reduction for all negative debuffs.
  • Requiem – When you resurrect an ally, you’ll give them 25% health instead of the meager amount they usually get, and when you utilize the Altar of Sacrifice, you won’t have to expend any of your own health to make the sacrifice.
  • Undead Slaying – When facing undead monsters, you increase your physical damage by 20% more.
  • Holy Purification – This ability deals 100 magic damage over 7.5 meters to all undead creatures in its area of effect.
  • Judgement – You must be within 4.5 meters of an enemy and keep your crosshair over them to cast this targeted spell, which does 30 magic damage and slows down their movement by 20% for five seconds.
  • Smite – For the next 10 seconds, every enemy you face will be subject to +10 magic damage if you use this ability.
  • Spell Memory 1/Spell Memory 2 – To access your cleric spells, you must select at least one of these classes; late-game clerics may want to take both to have access to more spells.

Starter Cleric Perks And Abilities

You can only choose one perk when you are level 0. As this is a straightforward perk that enhances your healing capacity, we advise you to pick Advanced Healer.

We would choose Judgement as it is excellent for clearing mobs and dealing targeted damage to adversaries over Spell Memory, which gives you access to your spells.

Is a Solo Cleric Useful?

The brand-new solo Goblin Cave mode was included in the game’s playtest in February 2023. Players are able to single queue and only face off against other solitary players because of this. You might wish to play it as the Cleric since it offers a lot of XP.

Bring a Mace and a respectable Buckler if you’re going on a solo run as a cleric. You can also purchase ale from the tavern keeper in the market and select the Brewmaster perk to greatly increase your damage and strength. The Cleric can definitely function as a solo-friendly class.

Cleric Spells

Tier 1: One Cost Spells
  • Protection – This shield spell, which can be used on either you or an ally, will block 20 physical attacks for 20 seconds.
  • Bless – A spell that, for 30 seconds, gives its recipient +3 Strength, Agility, and Will. If you’re alone, you’ll cast this spell on yourself.
Tier 2: Two Cost Spells
  • Divine Strike – Targeted spell that for 20 seconds enhances the target’s overall weapon damage by +10
  • Cleanse – This spell’s intended target will be cured of all ailments and debuffs.
Tier 3: Three Cost Spells
  • Bind – This suspends the target for 0.75 seconds.
Tier 4: Four Cost Spells
  • Lesser Heal – This is your main healing spell, which targets oneself if there are no allies present and restores 15 health to the target.
Tier 5: Five Cost Spells
  • Holy Light – This spell has two different targets: allies and undead. It heals allies for 30 health and deals 100 damage to undead.
Tier 8: Eight Cost Spells
  • Resurrection – As long as their Soul Heart is there, this spell will bring an ally back from the dead.

Starter Spell Set For Cleric

You will have 12 Knowledge points available to you as a level 0 cleric. You must therefore choose spells with a total point value of 12 points. It may resemble this in certain ways.

For a level 0 cleric with only 12 Knowledge, this is a respectable setup. You might also choose the Lesser Heal spell at a cost of 4, or the Resurrection spell at a cost of 8.

Additionally, you should put more spells on your Spell Priority bar because the items you collect could provide you access to additional knowledge while running.

The Best Equipment for The Cleric

In Dark And Darker, there is a ton of various gear to choose from, and what you choose will mostly rely on your playstyle. Here are some general pointers on the finest clothing for clerics, though.

  • Knowledge Gear – Being able to cast more spells during a run makes anything with Knowledge generally pretty handy. You can position yourself nicely for a High-Roller or Red run in the future by successfully extracting with some high knowledge gear.
  • Stats are really important – Therefore, gear with pluses for all attributes is something to search for. This also implies that you should simply choose the clothing or weapons that have the best stat for your character, whether it be heavy or light armor.
  • Because it casts spells more quickly and is lighter than the Staff, we strongly prefer the Spell Book for Cleric. In both PvE and PvP, speed is essential for avoiding opponents, so try to wear lesser armor if you can.
  • In addition to your spellbook, you can pick up a small Buckler shield and a mace to aid in killing monsters and provide you with some limited protection against approaching hostile players.

Some Tips for Using a Cleric Class

Here are a few common pointers to help you play better as a cleric.

  1. You may be a support character, but don’t underrate your destructive potential. Your damage increases from blunt weapons combine well with your bonuses against undead (specifically Maces, Flanged Mace, etc). Participate and support your team.
  2. Grab your teammates from the floor or outside the ring instead of looking for a revive altar with resurrection, a fantastic skill that is sometimes underestimated.
  3. The goal of your game is to stand back, give heals and buffs, and only engage in PvP hand-to-hand combat when absolutely required, especially if you’re playing in a party. You will become the main target for the opposing teams, so be mindful of your positioning.
  4. Focus your buffs on the fighters and barbarians on your frontline team.
  5. For the cleric, voice communication is crucial, especially if you can notify your squad that you have just given them buffs and how many more healings you have left to provide.
  6. Before settling, try out several builds, weapons, and armor. There are numerous factors in Dark And Darker. For instance, a Brewmaster Cleric who is continuously intoxicated can cause a ton of damage.

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