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What are Gold Coins Used For in Super People?

Gold coins are the currency of the battle royale game Super People and they have a wide variety of uses.




Gold coins can be found naturally by playing the game, completing matches, and looting. But what exactly are they used for?

What are Gold Coins Used For in Super People

The currency of Super People is gold coins. These can be found fairly naturally, as just completing matches can earn you gold. Additionally, they can be found as lootables during matches, although this is fairly random. But when you have them, what can you actually use them for?

Firstly, you can use them in the lobby to change your class. You can spend 100 coins to reroll your class or spend 500 to manually choose one of your likings.

Second, you can use 100 coins to revive allies during a match. However, it costs an extra 100 coins each time the player dies. While reviving teammates is very important for your team, it can be very costly to revive players that die often.

And finally, they can be used to open and personalize Wonder Cases. Wonder Cases randomly spawn during matches. These feature items are specifically for you but they can cost gold to open. Still, the loot you get from them more than makes up for the costs, they’re well worth it.

There are also crates similar to the Wonder Cases called the Personal Supply, which is the personalized Wonder Cases previously mentioned. Personalizing the contents of these crates requires blueprints and a hefty amount of gold coins.

Blueprints are obtained during matches. Crafting the blueprint weapons can be done outside of matches within the Armory and Personal Supply menus. The content of Personalized Supply drops can also be changed mid-match by picking Change Supply from your inventory. However, the blueprint weapons can be very costly to craft depending on their tier.


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