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Super People: How to Find and Make Blueprints

Blueprints in Super People are findable materials that allow players to craft powerful weapons that can be used across matches.




They can take a while to obtain and they can cost a lot of in-game gold to actually use, but the blueprints in Super People can give you very powerful weapons. This guide explains how.

How to Find and Make Blueprints in Super People

Blueprints can be generally found randomly during matches. Other players might even drop the ones they have collected upon their death. Finding them is, honestly, not that much of a problem.

What is a challenge, though, is that you have a chance to drop them upon death. The only way to guarantee that you keep them is to win a match. This is obviously easier said than done. However, dropping them is actually somewhat random. It’s currently unknown how exactly it works, but it seems to relate to how well you are doing during the match. Players who survive longer are less likely to drop their blueprints. But, again, this is mostly left to chance, so winning is the only guaranteed way to keep them.

How to Use Blueprints

When you have obtained enough blueprints, you can finally craft a personalized weapon. The game will tell you when you have enough. When this happens, simply head to the Armory and then open the Crafting tab.

Here you will see a list of all the weapons. The ones with full red icons on the left are the ones you can craft currently. Now you will simply need to play a certain amount in gold to craft the weapon. Higher-tier weapons cost more gold, as expected. These crafting costs can be very high, so you might have to save gold just for this.

To get the weapon during a match now you just simply need to open your inventory and pick Change Supply. Then drag your weapon to the Specialized Weapon slot. The supply drop will cost gold to open, but it’s relatively cheap. Now you just need to wait for the Personal Supply to drop, find it, and open it.

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