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Super People: How to Buy Skins in Item Shop

Super People’s in-game item shop allows you to buy skins and cosmetics for your character by spending in-game currency called Diamonds.




As with any other battle royale game in existence, Super People offers a good level of customization for your character. You can do this by buying skins and cosmetics in order to customize your character and make it unique compared to other players.

However, the process of buying skins can be a bit complex for beginners. In this guide, I’ll show you how exactly you can buy skins in Super People’s item shop.

How to Buy Skins in Item Shop in Super People

Unlike other games’ item shops, buying skins for your character in Super People works a bit differently. While the cosmetics don’t have any pay-to-win aspect to them, getting them is definitely a cash grab.

To do so, you first need to purchase Diamonds in the game. All you need to do is head over to the main menu and click on the Store tab. Below it, choose the Diamond option. This will then show you a list of denominations that you can buy. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 4,800 Diamonds – $99.99
  • 2,300 Diamonds – $49.49
  • 880 Diamonds – $19.99
  • 420 Diamonds – $9.99
  • 120 Diamonds – $2.99

Simply choose how many Diamonds you want to buy. After your purchase, you’ll then receive a mail in the game. Click on the mail icon on the upper right corner of the screen and then click on the mail containing your diamond purchase. Click on Receive All to transfer the diamonds to your account.

Buying a Skin

In the Store section once again, click on Outfit Exploration Center. This is where you can find a selection of skins available for purchase. Most of them are limited outfits that are only available during certain events.

You can also find a list of all available skins on the left panel. Choose the skin that you want to buy afterward.

Now, this is where things get different compared to how other games handle cosmetics. Instead of directly buying the cosmetic that you want, you will have to purchase Exploration Tickets for 5 diamonds each. You will use these tickets to click on any of the squares in the Exploration Board.

There are 100 tiles on the board, and you’ll need to click on one of them to get a chance to obtain pieces of the cosmetic set. After choosing the tiles, click on the Open button in order to reveal whether you can a cosmetic piece or not.

As you can see, this will rely heavily on luck. So if you’re not lucky enough, you will end up spending way more diamonds than initially planned. This is why this is a heavy cash grab on the game’s end as it made obtaining cosmetics more of a gamble instead.

Cosmetic sets will have around 4 pieces each, which means you need to be lucky enough to collect all 4 pieces before your diamonds run out.


After some backlash from their player base, Super People developers decided to change their outfit acquisition not long ago. They state in their devlog that they will introduce several methods of acquiring skins in the game and will apply the changes in the upcoming patch.

This means buying them in the item shop will no longer be the only means of getting skins for your character.

They said they will also add missions that will reward skins for players who participate in those missions. Also, it will be possible to use the in-game Gold currency to buy skins in the Exploration Center instead.

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