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Super People: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | Top Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

10 Beginner tips to jumpstart your Super People gameplay




Super People is not your average battle-royale game. It’s like PUBG but everyone has unique skills and abilities depending on each class. Each class also has an ultimate skill that can quickly turn the tide of the match in their favor.

However, for newer players, this can be overwhelming. New mechanics such as player skills and crafting can often make new players confused about what to do. Luckily, this guide will give 10 awesome new players tips on how to improve their Super People gameplay.

Let’s get to it.

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide | Top Tips to Improve Your Gameplay in Super People

1. Don’t forget to reload

In Super People, guns are usually picked up on the floor. Beginners make the mistake of not reloading often or placing a fresh new magazine once they pick up a gun.

Newly procured guns usually have an incomplete magazine that needs reloading or no magazine in it at all.

2. Make sure you have the correct ammo for your weapon

Beginners are often confused about which ammo type belongs to each specific weapon. A great tip is that ammo types are usually beside the guns when you pick them up.

However, if you really want to be sure, you can see the ammo type required for the weapon on the upper right whenever you’re in the inventory

3. Make your Keybinds work for you

The default keybindings in Super People are commonly regarded as uncomfortable by most players. Before you even hop in a match, it is recommended to play around with your bindings and switch it to something that you’re more comfortable with.

4. Hold your Breath by using ADS

For longer ranged shots, you can dramatically increase your accuracy and reduce recoil by holding your breath while in your ADS.

To hold your breath, you simply have to hold your shift key. Make sure you hold it as letting go of the key will result in your character canceling the action.

5. You can cut your Parachute

Unlike other battle-royale games, you can cut your parachute when you’re near the ground without taking any fall damage.

Cutting the parachute off saves time, and can give you a headstart in getting loot before your opponent even arrives. However, it’s important to remember that if you first clip off a roof and then fall to the ground, you will receive fall damage.  So before you cut your parachute, make sure you will land straight on the ground.

6. Eat everything you find

In Super People, there are many types of consumables as opposed to traditional battle-royale games where you only usually have two. In this game, there are capsules, power bars health.

These items offer you power-ups and the ability to upgrade your skills so it’s better to consume them as early as possible. For new players, it’s much easier to consume it now than to forget it later.

7. It’s okay to die

If you’re new to the battle-royale genre or the entire FPS genre, then it’s important to assure yourself that it’s okay to die.

Players often want to do everything perfectly from the start. Failure is the best teacher, the more you die the more you get better at dealing with different kinds of situations.

8. Use your ult

Use it as often as you can. In Super People, each class has an ultimate skill that’s capable of turning the tables in favor of them.

The ultimates in this game recharge fast. Beginners make the simple mistake of saving them for an obscure future situation. Use it as much as you can.

9. Make use of the training grounds

The training grounds in Super People offer a wide variety of modes that enable you to test out pretty much everything the game has to offer.

It’s the perfect place to test out guns, skills, and all kinds of vehicles. The mode is beneficial for beginners, so you should definitely try it out.

10. Optimize your backpack

Backpack space in Super People is crucial You only have a limited backpack space to store all your items, so it’s crucial to have a healthy amount of mix of items in your storage.

Make sure you have a healthy mix for each resource like healing, resources, and power-ups.

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