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Songs of Conquest: Arleon Faction Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Songs of Conquest has different playstyles depending on the type of army you can create on the game but what is the difference of Arleon Faction on other factions available?




There are four factions in Song of Conquest, the Arleon, Rana, Barony of Loth and Barya. Each faction differs from one another. Each faction will allow you to command wielders that will help your kingdom win battles.

Arleon Faction Guide in Songs of Conquest

Arleon faction is described as the faction of gallant knights, squires, and archers. Their place is located at the Faey of the Forest. Their notion focuses more on the defensive side as they feature more defensive buffs which is good for beginners and with a very high-end ceiling. It is the most straightforward faction by either holding a line or charging forward with your units.


Arleon features a better defensive notion with the help of the fey, troubadour and minstrels units. With a proper backup of their first unit which is the range or archer, you can easily execute the defensive and attacking units by placing them on the correct paths and direction.

Spells and Skills

Arlean faction primarily focuses on casting spells from creation and chaos. They feature quicker defensive motions and with the help of rally’s buff, you can cast spells on multiple targets multiple times.

How to maintain a defensive buffed unit

The first range of you faction will be range but when you execute the placing well, you can create a buffed defensive unit by placing the minstrels and footman on the outer range. By upgrading your rangers to archer will maintain the buffed defensive unit of your faction when you choose the Arleaon faction game style.

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