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Songs of Conquest: Beginner’s Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Songs of Conquest, the classic RPG strategy game with some of the best pixel art, is set to release this May.




If you’re familiar with Heroes of Might and Magic, Songs of Conquest might be something you want to check out. The game was initially announced at E3 2019’s PC gaming show, where Lavapotion, the game’s developer, presented a trailer, shocking everyone present.

The video showcased the game’s beautiful pixel art that excited several players. Now that the upcoming release date is near, here is everything you need to know about Songs of Conquest. 

Beginner’s Guide in Songs of Conquest

Song of Conquest is a classic adventure strategy game where you take control of your wielders. They will be in charge of commanding your troops in combat, exploring the world map, and harnessing the essence which is used to cast spells.

Your wielders, under your command, will help you make your kingdom prosper and achieve victory as you dominate the battlefield.

Everything You Need to Know About Songs of Conquest


Aside from building your empire, which will act as your base, combat is a significant part of the game. You’ll bring your army into combat arenas and use skills to conquer the battlefield.

For example, wielders can utilize the ability called “The Essence,” a kind of magic that lets you combine other skills, depending on the situation.

Quests and Other Mechanics

As you control your wielders to develop your kingdom’s full potential, you will also complete quests, seek out treasures around the map, and fight other enemies in the combat arena.

You will have four factions to choose from namely:

  • Arleon: a coalition of courageous knights, stout squires, and powerful archers united with the magical Faey of the forest
  • Rana: the oppressed swamp frog people taking a stand to reclaim their mighty heritage
  • Barya: a gold-loving merchant nation ready to take on anyone with their machines, mercenaries, and gunpowder
  • Barony of Loth: an unholy union between the dead and the living, who will bring death and the afterlife to those who plan to stop them.

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