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Songs of Conquest: Barya Faction Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Song of Conquest is an adventure strategy game that allows you to choose a play style that suits your gameplay. It is a gameplay where you can create a strong faction while commanding your wielders to conquer the world.




There are four different factions inside the Song of Conquest; the Arleon, Barya, Barony of Loth and Rana. Each faction works differently depending on the execution and command that you give to your wielders. Each faction also offers different powers, magic and defenses that will prosper your kingdom.

Barya Faction Guide in Songs of Conquest

Barya faction was described as a faction of merchant nation armed with gunpowder, mercenaries, and machines.  It is a function that focuses on machinery, steampunk-related features, black powder weaponry, and high damage melee units.


Barya faction features a strong range unit with the help of the musketeers, machineries, and cannons. They are a strong attacking unit where you can get a very strong power spike but weak in terms of defense and other protective means.

Spells and Skills

Barya factions feature chaos and destructive spells where their spells primarily focus on fury, a burst of strength justice. You can increase the amplitude of the fury and strength with the help of rapid-fire; as it creates burst damage on a single spike.

How to maintain a strong attacking unit

When you choose to play on the Barya Faction make sure to choose the best units aligned on a good spot to maintain a strong unit despite of a weak defense.

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