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Songs of Conquest: Rana Faction Guide | Everything You Need to Know

The game was first revealed at the PC gaming exhibition E3 2019, where Lavapotion, the game’s developer, shocked everyone in attendance with a trailer.




Song of Conquest is a traditional adventure strategy game where you command your wielders. They’ll be responsible for leading your forces in battle, exploring the world map, and capturing the essence needed to cast spells.

Rana Faction Guide | Everything You Need to Know- Songs of Conquest

There are four other factions in Songs of Conquest Barony of Loth, Barya, Arleon and Rana. Each has wielders under your command, which will help you prosper your kingdom and win battles as you control the battlefield.

The Rana Faction is about victimized swamp frog people standing up to recapture their tremendous and powerful legacy. Let’s get to know them more.

Who Are They?

The Rana Faction are swamp dwellers who have been scattered and, at times, enslaved by their enemies. However, a mysterious Wielder has risen, uniting the people of the Marsh in their quest to rediscover their true strength. Vicious Ravagers, wise Chelun, and even the mysterious Eth’dra will answer the Wielder’s call, and the world will shake as they roar.


The Rana Faction has a variety of units, including Hunters, Shamans, Guards, Ravagers, and Crawlers. It is best to assemble units to have more than one of each; this allows for mobility. They also have leaders, such as the Wise Chelun and the Wielder, who are in command of authority.

How to Build Your City

You should know that managing resources are critical because it allows you to sustain your town, research innovative products, and enlarge your kingdom by taking on more challenges in the game. Strategize your towns to meet your style of play by using extreme strength, magic, or a combination of the two.

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Genshin Impact: Sandglass Dendroculus Puzzle Guide

Get rewarded for clearing this new exploration-based mechanic.





Primal Sandglasses are a new mechanic for exploration that you’ll find in the Ruins of King Deshret. Flipping one will start a timed challenge where you’ll need to flip other Primal Sandglasses. Doing so within the time will grant you a reward.

In this guide we’ll teach you how to beat one of these challenges.

The Sandglass Location

To find the Primal Sandglass that rewards you with a Dendroculus and an Exquisite Chest you’ll want to go west of The Mausoleum of King Deshret.

Get to the red-circled area – there’s a Four-Leaf Sigil around to make the travel faster. You’ll end in an area with one of the squared-floor panels that you can activate by interacting with the book front of it. This will create an updraft that will get you to a Dendroculus waiting on top, plus a Forged Primal Light.

From that position you can look at the second area, the one we encircled in a blue circle in the first image. Take the Forged Primal Light to the panel there to create a Primal Sandglass.

The Sandglass Time Trial Challenge

Once you flip the Primal Sandglass you’ll have29 seconds to flip the other two. It may look simple, but there’s invisible walls that’ll make tricky getting to the others.

First you’ll want to do a straight-line run towards where the red arrow points: the part where you can see stone steps rather than sand.

From here turn to the right and keep going forward until you crash against the invisible wall. Then employ some wall-hugging: move while sticking close to the wall so that at the moment it stops being there, your character will get past it to the other side.

When you ‘see’ the door get past it and turn back in direction to the hourglass. This time the wall will be to the right-side of your character. Make your way to the Sandglass normally, and we’re on to the last one.

From that sandglass you’ll run straight to the second batch of stone-floor.

At that point, turn 90° degrees to the right until you see another invisible wall flare up blue. You’ll turn 90° degrees to your right again. Make sure to wall-hug a little so that you can see where the wall ends.

After you’ve cleared the wall do a full turn around, leaving it to left-side of your body and run in a straight line like you were trying to get the torch close to the last Sandglass. You’ll be clear off the wall in a matter of seconds and you can make a beeline for the last Sandglass. Flip it.

Now just walk forward in the direction of the Four-Leaf Sigil, but don’t use it. If you look down you’ll be able to see the Dendroculus and an Exquisite Chest to its right.

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