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Nine to Five: Which is the Best Weapon and Armor Tier List

Nine to Five’s vast weapon and armor collection may appear overwhelming for newbies, which is why weapon and armor lists exist.




In Nine to Five, you will need the most powerful weapon to help you quickly take down enemies and make your game progress faster. Even though your gameplay will mostly depend on your skill and familiarity with the game, having a powerful weapon by your side is still a game-changer.

This article will talk about the best starter weapons and armor that can help you adjust as you start your journey in-game.

Which is the Best Weapon and Armor Tier List in Nine to Five

Since Nine to Five offers a lot of weapons and armor, players who are new to the game might have a hard time choosing. You must know the weapon’s stats and which sets are currently used in the meta. To make things easier, we have gathered some of the best starter weapons and armor that can help you get accustomed to the game in no time.

Weapons & Armor

Check out the list below and see which one of these weapons best suit your playstyle.


ML-CR (Assault Rifle)

Damage – 40

Magazine Size – 24

Aim Stability – 50%

RPM – 560

Critical Multiplier – 1.35

Optimal Range – 28

Reload Speed – 68%

Sound Reduction – 25%

Old Patchy (Assault Rifle)

Damage – 54

Magazine Size – 24

Aim Stability – 33%

RPM – 400

Critical Multiplier – 1.25

Optimal Range – 30

Reload Speed – 69%

Sound Reduction – 15%


Damage – 27

Magazine Size – 25

Aim Stability – 55%

RPM – 810

Critical Multiplier – 1.3

Optimal Range – 18

Reload Speed -73%

Sound Reduction – 35%

The Chancellor (Shotgun)

Damage – 13

Pellets Per Shot – 14

Magazine Size – 8

Aim Stability – 20%

RPM – 150

Critical Multiplier – 1

Optimal Range – 25

Reload Speed – 61%

Sound Reduction – 5%

The Mile High (Sniper Rifle)

Damage – 125

Magazine Size – 6

Aim Stability – 20%

RPM – 60

Critical Multiplier – 1.1

Optimal Range – 55

Reload Speed -70%

Sound Reduction – 10%

Secondary Weapon

Mister Nine (Pistol)

Damage – 38

Magazine Size – 10

Aim Stability – 40%

RPM – 325

Critical Multiplier – 1.35

Optimal Range – 18

Reload Speed -74%

Sound Reduction – 35%

Armor Sets

Level IIIA ML2 Body Armor

145 durability

2 item slots (Health and Safety) (Lethal Grenades)

1 Auto-support System slot

Sneak and Peek “Trapper” Grade Armor

120 durability

2 item slots (Tactical Grenades) (Traps and Tripmines)

3 Auto-support System slots

Mr. Mayhem “Smart Casual” Grade Armor

145 durability

2 item slots (Special Ops Grenades) (Lethal Grenades)

2 Auto-support System slots

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Does the battle pass for Overwatch 2 live up to its cost?





The Overwatch seasons last two months and for every season there is a battle pass that includes various rewards, such as character skins, weapons, etc. The battle is an important asset of every online shooter game since it helps players to upgrade their game and characteristics.

The True Cost of The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass | Is the Battle Pass Worth it

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How long does it take to get to level 55?

When asked how long does it take to unlock all the heroes, commercial lead Jon Spector said:

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Jon Spector

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It costs 1000 Overwatch coins which is the in-game premium currency. You can either earn that currency with in-game challenges or you can buy it with real-life money. Note that the challenges are limited and you can earn up to 540 coins per season if you complete all the challenges.

So, you would need to complete all challenges for two seasons to earn a battle pass. 500 coins are worth $5, and 1000 coins are worth $10. If you do the math, you would come to the conclusion that you would need to spend money to get the premium battle pass.

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