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Nine to Five: Weapons Upgrade Guide | Parts and Customization

Finding the best weapon, you can use is the best strategy to win a first-person shooting game; you can upgrade and customize it depending on your likings.




Nine to Five has different corporations that will help you choose the best weapons that you can use. Besides from armors, and perks upgrade you can also upgrade and customize your weapons by unlocking each part on your career rewards.

Weapons Upgrade Guide | Parts and Customization

Weapons usually consist of different upgradable that change their efficiency of it. Upgrading your weapon allows you to create a much better aiming phase on your game.

There is a primary and secondary weapon that you can use and upgrade at the same time, it will increase the accuracy, stealth and number of ammo you can reload to your gun.

Here are the Weapon Parts and Customization that you can change               

For Primary Weapons

  • Barrel and Underbarrel
    Barrel alt
  • Grip
  • Magazine
  • Scope
  • Charm
  • Stock

Primary weapons usually consist of complicated parts, you can prolong or shorten the length of each weapon by changing and customizing the barrel. You can also change the scope you can use with different level of accuracy.

For Secondary Weapons

  • Barrel and Underbarrel
  • Barrel alt
  • Grip
  • Magazine

You can easily customize your secondary weapon because, you only have to change a few things to it, like the magazine, the barrel and the grip.

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