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Nine to Five: How to Play Rogue Shift

Rogue Shift is a limited-time event in Nine to Five you can participate in.




The New Rogue Shift is a limited-time event in Nine to Five where you need to acquire a specific item or case and deliver it to your bosses. The event gives various unique and rare rewards.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds since you will be competing with other players with the same goal. If you want to know more about this limited-time event, this article is your best bet.

How to Play Rogue Shift in Nine to Five

In Rogue Shift, you will be playing solo, competing with eight other players. The game lasts for 15 minutes at max, and the goal is to find the Media Drive and extract the evidence inside it.

The event is only held on one map, the Huxwell Clinic. We’ll walk you through with what to do and how to complete the event.

Rogue Shift Mechanics

You will spawn at a random location inside the Huxwell Clinic map as you start the game. The first thing you need to do is look around the area for equipment. Search and obtain gears from loot crates, safes, or fallen enemies.

Once you have the equipment you need, keep a close eye on Keycards lying scattered around the map. You can also use your tracker to look for it. Keycards are marked depending on which Vault they open (A, B, or C). Each Vault consists of rare weapons, armor, and upgrades, but only one will contain the Media Drive that has the evidence you need.

If you picked the right Vault and found the Media Drive, you must extract it. You will automatically see the different Extraction Points on the map once you take possession of the Media Drive.

At this point, you will need to defend your chosen Extraction Point from other players who will try to take and steal the Media Drive away from you. When the chopper finally arrives, hop on, and you will be the winner.

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