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Roots of Pacha: Owl Totem Puzzle Solution

Claim the owl’s mystic power by completing the challenges of its totem.




Roots of Pacha has some animal totems that you can bring offerings to. This will open up their puzzles which you can complete to get new powers!

One such totem is the Owl Totem, and we’ll show you how to solve its puzzle in this guide.

How to Solve the Owl Totem Puzzle in Roots of Pacha

Source: VideoGameSherpa

You first need to bring 3 offerings to the Owl Totem. You will need any tree produce, any root, and any fish. Just one of each will do! Give them to the totem to start the puzzle.

Use the owl panels on the floor to temporarily become an owl, then fly to other floating islands.

You will find light pillars on them which you must use to guide the light to the pillar at the center of the area.

Start by flying straight northwest to the closest island. Rotate the top pillar so that its light shoots to your right, then become an owl again.

Source: VideoGameSherpa

Follow the light beam to an island with a golden turtle and land. Rotate the pillar here so that its beam goes south.

Now, fly south and chase the light again and rotate the pillar with the light so that the beam goes west.

Source: VideoGameSherpa

Follow the light beam again and you will reach an island with a pink turtle. Land on here and rotate the topmost pillar until the beam goes north.

Fly all the way to the northeastern island that has the golden turtle and land on it. Make the top pillar mirror the light beam to the south, then fly in the same direction as the beam.

Rotate the first pillar to your left so that the beam continues west, then take flight one last time along the beam.

Finally, land on the starting platform and rotate the pillar until the light goes straight north, completing the circuit and giving the light back to the owl.

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