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Roots of Pacha: How to Find Pots

Can’t figure out where to get pots? Let us help you out.




Pots are one of the many decorations that you can get in Roots of Pacha. They are also sometimes required for quests, such as one of Era’s research ideas.

Just like a lot of other things in the game, you can’t actually make pots by yourself. You will need to rely on another one of your clan’s members for them.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you where to go for all your pot needs anytime!

How to Find Pots in Roots of Pacha

Source: VideoGameSherpa

You can get pots from Reese. As mentioned at the start, they will be required for Era’s research idea about Cold Storage.

Reese can be usually found in her hut which is covered in doodles and paint. She’s quite the artist after all!

If she isn’t there, you can use your in-game map to look for her. Just select her from the People category and the game will highlight her current location.

Source: VideoGameSherpa

Simply approach Reese and choose to exchange with her, then navigate to the Pots tab. She has a massive collection of Pots and the prices vary wildly!

The cheapest pots are the Small Pots With Handles which cost about 90 Contribution Points each. We definitely recommend grabbing the cheapest ones for Era’s research since any pot will do anyway.

You can get more Contribution Points by putting items in the sale bin which effectively serves as donations for your clan. Items like dried fish are particularly profitable!

Source: VideoGameSherpa

If you need them for Era’s research, you just need to find her and deliver them to her to complete the research.

That’s how to get as many pots as you want. Just speak with the artisan Reese anytime you need more pots. Just keep in mind that the fancier ones are quite costly!

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