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Honkai Star Rail: What to Buy First | Shop Guide

Use up your currencies to purchase items from the various in-game shops!




Honkai: Star Rail has a lot of shops for you to spend money in. Most of them don’t take real-world currencies either, but the primary Store does.

In this guide, we’ll tell you which items to prioritize when spending your hard-earned money in any of the shops in this game.

What to Buy First in Honkai Star Rail

Source: EODGamer

Before we start, keep in mind that this game has a lot of different stores. We’ll primarily focus on giving you tips for the cash shop, but we’ll also give general tips for other shops.

The cash shop is the Store that you can access at any time from the game menu. It has a variety of exchanges and is also where you can choose to spend real money to get advantages.

Truthfully, there’s no real reason to spend money currently. The game is generous enough for free-to-play players at the start that you shouldn’t need to spend any money to progress.

However, that does mean that you will get lots of the currencies for the store even as a free player!

Source: EODGamer

First, we have the Starlight Exchange where you can trade Undying Starlights for a variety of items. This currency is primarily obtained by using Warps which are the game’s gacha system.

You should prioritize getting the Star Rail Passes since they will allow you to use more Warps. The characters are also a decent deal, but the Light Cones are a tad too expensive to be worthwhile.

Source: EODGamer

Next up is the Embers Exchange. You can trade Undying Embers here which you can also obtain using Warps.

Just like before, we recommend getting the Star Rail Passes so that you can get more Warps. However, the Tracks of Destiny material is also very useful once you reach Trailblaze Level 40.

Most of the other regular materials you should obtain naturally as you play the game, so they’re not worth it unless you need them right away.

Next up, we’ll give you a quick guide to the World Shops in the game.

What to Buy in World Shops

World Shops are, as their name indicates, the shops you find in each different world. These take a world-specific currency such as Hertareum for Herta Space Station.

We recommend prioritizing the following items in each of these shops:

  • Rare Eidolon materials such as the Shadow of Destruction.
  • Relic Sets such as the Musketeer’s set in Herta Space Station. Each world sells a different set.
  • Recipes for the Synthesizer.

As a bonus, you will get rewards by reaching certain expenditure milestones!

The currency for these shops is primarily obtained by exploring their respective worlds and completing Adventure Missions.

Make sure to check every nook and cranny! The game is full of little events to find.

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