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Roots of Pacha: How to Upgrade Obsidian Axe and Hammer

You will need to get better tools if you want to mine every ore.




The Obsidian Axe and Obsidian Hammer can both be upgraded in Roots of Pacha, should you meet the conditions.

This is especially important for the hammer! Upgrading the hammer will allow you to break down gold and silver geodes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to do to upgrade these tools to their final form.

How to Upgrade Obsidian Axe and Hammer in Roots of Pacha

Source: VideoGameSherpa

The next upgrade after Obsidian tools is Bronze tools, which is also the final upgrade as of this writing. This upgrade will require copper and tin.

Copper can be found after you complete the Monkey Totem’s challenge in the mine. It’s in the area west of the room marked with “Stomp Your Feet”.

Tin, on the other hand, can only be obtained much later. You will need to clear the Bear Totem’s challenge and open up the “Pacha’s Pair-of-Rocks” area in the mine.

Collecting Tin will open up Ata’s “Smelting” research idea. Complete this research and you will finally be able to make Bronze Tools, including the Bronze Axe and Bronze Hammer.

The research will take two days to complete, but it will unlock the crafting recipes for Bronze Tools.

As always, you will need to rely on Acre’s crafting services for the actual upgrades. Remember that you can find her by using the in-game map anytime.

You will also need to bring her the materials, so make sure to get the following first:

  • Bronze Axe: 15 Hardwood, 20 Copper, 15 Tin. You will also have to pay a fee of 1260 Contributions.
  • Bronze Hammer: 15 Hardwood, 20 Copper, 20 Tin. You also need to have 1200 Contributions.

Both of these crafts will also take 2 days to complete, so you will need to wait for Acre to finish her work and deliver them to you.

Nonetheless, that’s everything you need to know about upgrading the Obsidian Axe and Hammer!

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