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Potion Craft: Where is the Charm Effect?

The charm potions are some of the hardest to make. Making it without a recipe ready will require a lot of trial and error – or a preemptive knowledge on how to make it.




Though charm potions are always in high demand, making them is much harder than one might think. If you want to make one, prepare for a long journey through the Alchemic Map.

Where is the Charm Effect in Potion Craft

Where is the Charm Effect in Potion Craft

The charm effect is located in the far north-west portion of the Alchemy Map. You can get there however you’d like, but with the amount of death zones along the way, it’s best to know a recipe that’ll get you there safely.

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The most straightforward one needs five Windblooms, four Firebells, and one Waterbloom. To get the best result, use them in this order:

  1. Grind the Windbloom completely and add it to the cauldron, than do the same with one Firebell
  2. Grind the second Firebell to about 75% and throw it into the mix.
  3. Grind each of the following ingredients fully and add them in this order: Windbloom, Firebell, Windblom
  4. Throw another Firebell without grinding it
  5. Add a fully grinded Windbloom
  6. Add a Windbloom Grinded to about 75%
  7. Add a fully grinded Waterbloom and use the ladle to get the best possible potion

Using a Whirlpool

Using a Whirlpool

If you want to make the best use of your ingredients, you can also try to use the Whirlpool that happens to be in the way. The whirlpools rotate as you heat up your cauldron, moving the potion icon with them if it happens to be in the same spot.

Although it won’t change much, you can save one firebell that way. And If you’ll decide to save this recipe, that means one less firebell is used every time customers will ask for this specific potion. So, it might be worth it in the long run.

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