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Potion Craft: How To Make Potions with 2 or More Effects

In order to finish the second chapter of Potion Craft, you’ll have to create a single potion with two different effects. So far, you probably didn’t even know it was possible. So how do you do it?




Potion Craft starts out by holding your hand through the entire first chapter, so the more complex tasks you’ll receive in the second chapter might come as a surprise.

But it’s not as hard as it may seem, once you’ll get a better understanding of how the potion brewing system works.

How To Make Potions with 2 or More Effects in Potion Craft

How To Make Potions with 2 or More Effects in Potion Craft

To make a potion with multiple effects, perform all the steps needed to make a regular potion, but without pressing the “finish potion” option.

Once the potion will change the color after heating it, it will gain the effect specified on the map.

From this point on, you can keep adding ingredients to move the potion along with the alchemy map, and once it’ll enter a node that will give it a different effect, you can heat the cauldron again and get a potion with multiple effects!

Which Effects to Choose

How To Make Potions with 2 or More Effects in Potion Craft

Of course, in order to apply the effects, you want, you should have them unlocked on your map, to avoid wandering around it randomly, wasting precious ingredients.

Depending on what you need the potion for, you might want to use different effects. If your goal is to make the simplest potion with two effects, you should combine the two effects that are close to each other on the map, like frost and healing.

But sometimes, your clients will ask for potions for specific purposes, and they will usually be satisfied more with a potion that has two effects. For example, if someone needs a damaging potion, you might want to make a strong fire potion with the additional effect of poison.

But how you’ll use this knowledge is up to you – just remember that you can do a lot more experiments with your concoctions before pressing the “finish potion” button…

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