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Potion Craft: How to Haggle?

If you want to earn a bit more money from your potion selling business, you can always use the haggle mechanic. But you can easily lose money that way too, if you’re not careful.




Being an alchemist requires more than just brewing potions. To stay in the business, you also need to make a profit off of your work. And this is where the haggling mechanic comes into place.

How to Haggle in Potion Craft

How to Haggle in Potion Craft

Once you’ve made the potion the customer wants, place it on the scales. You can now sell the potion for a set price, or press the Haggle option to negotiate a better deal.

This will start a small minigame, in which you will have to press the big, green “Haggle” button when the red cursor moving back and forth will point at one of the yellow tiles. The more you’ll hit, the more money you’ll make.

Best Ways to Haggle

Keep in mind that if you’ll handle the minigame poorly, you can get less money than what you were offered at the start. Missing even one tile will reduce your pay, and each time you’ll hit one, each tile with the same image will become smaller.

To end the haggling, you need to hit the green handshake indicator located on the far ends of the screen. And, on top of that, once you’ll start haggling, the offered amount will slightly decrease with every second, so you’d want to balance the number of tiles you’ll hit with the time it takes to haggle.

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