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Potion Craft: How To Make Stronger Potions?

The stronger the potion, the more you’ll get paid for it. But, surprisingly, throwing more stuff into the cauldron will not make your concoction stronger. Instead, you’ll need a bit more delicacy to get the desired outcome.




Once you’ll start playing Potion Craft, there will be a few things that might seem like they work a lot different compared to other games. One example is the process of making your potions stronger.

So, here is all you need to know to get the most out of your ingredients.

How to Make Stronger Potions in Potion Craft

In order to make the type of potion you need, you’ll first have to find it on the map and use the ingredients at your disposal to transport the potion icon on that map to the desired effect icon.

It looks like an outline of the potion icon you’re moving. To get there faster, you can grind the ingredients in your Mortar.

Once the Potion icon will stop on the effect you want, you can heat the cauldron to make a potion, but the strength of it will depend on one more factor: how much does the potion icon match the outline of the effect icon.

Getting the Best Effect

Potions come in three tiers – weak, normal, and strong. Getting a weak potion will simply require reaching the desired effect with the icon on the map.

The closer that potion icon matches the outline of the vial portraying the effect you want, the better your potion will be.

To get a normal potion, the icon has to be inside the outline, while to make strong potions, you’ll need the icon to match the outline perfectly. This is pretty tricky to do with ingredients alone. That’s why you should use the Ladle, which will bring the potion icon back to the center. Try to combine the effect of the ingredients with the Ladle to get the best possible outcome.

In the early game, you should always try to get the strongest potions possible, as money is very important at that point. But keep in mind that if you’ll save the recipe for a strong potion, you won’t need to fiddle with the icon placement to make it again.

So, aim to make the best version of the potion at least one to save the recipe.

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