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Modern Warfare 2: How to Counter Riot Shield | Anti-Shield Class Guide

Riot Shield players are giving you grief? Let us help you out!




The controversial Riot Shield returns to Modern Warfare 2. This extremely resilient piece of gear can make players nearly indestructible!

Of course, this is extremely annoying to fight against. When players make good use of the Riot Shield, it feels like there’s nothing they can do against it.

But worry not! In this guide, we’ll tell you the best setup and strategies to use against the Riot Shield.

How to Counter Riot Shields in Modern Warfare 2

Source: GameRant

To fight shield users, you will first need to understand the Riot Shield’s strengths and weaknesses.

As previously mentioned, the shield itself is pretty much indestructible. It will protect its users from bullets, shooting the shield itself is completely pointless.

Source: FavstaR

However, its protection is limited. Unless the shield user is crouching, calves and feet are exposed. It also has a limited range, only protecting either the front or the back.

While a player isn’t holding the shield, it rests on their back. This does protect their upper back but leaves their legs exposed. Crouching exposes half of their torso as well.

Source: FavstaR

As such, you will ideally want to flank shield users. Attack them from the sides and their back, taking them down before they can protect themselves.

The same applies to Stun and Flashbang grenades. If a shield user has their shield out and the grenade goes off in front of them, they will not be affected by it. It needs to go off on their side or back.

Source: FavstaR

The Shock Stick works no matter what, however, making it the best Tactical Equipment to use as a shield counter.

Lastly, the Riot Shield has an extremely strong melee attack. Stay out of its range.

Next, let’s go over an anti-shield class setup.

Anti-Shield Class Build

The top priority for a setup to counter Riot Shields is mobility. As such, you will want to pick an SMG and use only Speed attachments.

Mobility will allow you to stay away from the powerful shield bash, while also allowing you to reposition yourself anytime. Use this to reposition yourself and flank shield users.

For your Lethal equipment, we recommend Semtex. It’s a highly versatile explosive that gives you extra precision. Stick it behind the shield users, where they aren’t protected.

As for Tactical equipment, pick up the Shock Stick. As previously detailed, it can shock-shield users even while they’re blocking, making it extremely helpful.

Also, get Dead Silence for your Field Upgrade. Silencing your footsteps will allow you to more easily flank enemies.

For perks, choose Battle Hardened and Extra Tactical as basic perks. The first will protect you from stun grenades that shield users prefer, while the latter will give you more Shock Sticks.

Your Bonus Perk should be Resupply, which will help you have a steady supply of lethal and tactical equipment.

Lastly, equip Overclock as your Ultimate Perk. It will allow you to use Dead Silence much more often, which is a huge boon for this class.

That’s all there is to know! You’re now ready to face all the shield-using “turtles” you get matched up with.

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