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COD Modern Warfare 2: How to Link Phone on Steam

The Latest Instalment of COD is scheduled to be released on October 28 and as early as now players are scrambling to try out the Open Beta after pre-registering for the game.




Unfortunately, there are a few things for you to set up for the Open Beta that will be essential as well for the game Launch next month. And that is a linked phone number on your Steam Account.

For those of us who have played Call of Duty Games on Mobile, that wouldn’t be a problem since one of the things you need to set up is a working phone number for your account. But for steam users who have already done so when they first created their Steam accounts, this can be a bit confusing.

In this guide, we will show you how to link your phone number on Steam for you to be able to access the Open Beta of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

How to Link Phone on Steam in COD Modern Warfare 2

A lot of players expressed irritation with the latest requirement to play COD MWF 2. Some are speculating that the added feature will be one of the safeguards for cheating in the game but that is all since there hasn’t been an official statement from the developers.

Apparently, even if you have already linked your phone number on other steam games, it would not detect on the Open Beta of this game so you have to start over and input your phone number again.

Click on the Go to Steam Account from the Launch Screen

From your login screen, click the “Go to Steam Account” button to take you to your steam account overlay browser. If you have already input your phone number on steam, all you will have to do is to click the verify phone number button.

Enter the Code you Received via Sms

This will let steam send a verification code to the number you set. Just type the code into the verification box for your number to be verified.

If by chance you don’t receive a code via sms or you are not using the phone number anymore, simply click cancel and set your current or preferred number to link into your account.

Set up a new phone number

Selecting cancel will bring you to the manage phone number screen. Here you will have to input your new or preferred phone number on the tab. With the number set, the next step will be to verify your number.

Verify via Sms or Steam App

There are two ways to verify your number. One is via Sms where they will be sending you a code via Sms and the other way is via the steam app on your phone or pc.

If you want to set up your phone number via the Steam App Auth. Open your Steam App and sign in.

Using the Steam App

Go to the confirmations tab and select change phone number. From there, I put your new phone number and confirm it. This will send verification via your email and you will have to verify for the phone number to be linked to your account.

When you have set up your phone number in either of the two ways, you will then have to request the code again which would be sent to your phone number. Copy the code into the box given.

Log into the game and click I already have a phone number

Launch the game again. On the login screen, select I already have a phone number. This will take you to the end user agreement page. Read them carefully and press accept.

This will allow you to enter the game. Enjoy the Open Beta while waiting for the official Launch next month.

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Gundam Evolution: How to Unlock Mobile Suit Units | Free and Paid Method Guide

Get more Mobile Suits for you to play with.





If you are one of those who watch the Gundam anime series or collect and build Gunpla, then Gundam Evolution is the game for you. It is an online free-to-play FPS game, but instead of people, you are going to control Mobile Suits. We are going to show you how you can unlock more Mobile Suit units.

How to Unlock Mobile Suit Units, Free and Paid Method Guide in Gundam Evolution.

Gundam Evolution is actually more similar to Call of Duty than Valorant or CSGO in terms of FPS games. It has a game mode called Point Capture, where you need to attack and capture the points on the map; Domination, where both teams will capture three points on the map; and Destruction, where teams are going to activate or stop a weapon of mass destruction.

There are 12 free Mobile Suits in the game that you can obtain, and there are 5 more that are locked.

Obtaining More Mobile Suit Units

The 5 remaining Mobile Suits are the Marasai [UC], Gundam Exia, Mahiroo, Zaku II [Melee], and Unicorn Gundam. EVO Coins are real-money currency, while Capital is the free currency in the game. There are three methods to obtain these Mobile Suits:


One of the ways to unlock these Mobile Suits is to get Capital by completing the Beginner’s Challenge. The Beginner’s Challenger lasts for 7 days and you can obtain 300 Capital per day. The Standard Season Pass will also reward you with Capital.

Paid Way

If you buy the Premium Season Pass for 990 EVO Coins you are going to get 990 EVO Coins from the Premium Pass rewards.

EVO Coins

If you plan to invest in the game to buy EVO coins, and use them to buy the remaining Mobile Suits, you can just buy the DX edition to unlock all of the remaining Mobile Suits, which also include Legendary Skins.

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