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Medieval Dynasty: Where to Find Bears

Bears are one of the many animals found in the survival/crafting/town management hybrid game Medieval Dynasty, and also one of the most rare to find.




Aggressive and rare to find, bears can be intimidating but they are required for certain quests and also give massive amounts of resources such as meat and fur, making them desirable to hunt, should you be prepared to. If you feel you are ready, this guide will tell you where to find them.

Where to Find Bears in Medieval Dynasty

Bears are large, aggressive and rare animals found in the world of Medieval Dynasty. They are found mostly near caves and the like. Killing and skinning one will net you a whooping 50 meat and 20 fur, the highest amount of resources yielded by any animal in the game.

One way to locate them is to pay Gizela in Lesnica and Rajmund in Tutki. These hunters sell information for your in-game map that tells you the location of bears. This should be the most exact method, as you’re getting up-to-date information from the game itself, but they cost 5000 coins.

Bear Locations in Medieval Dynasty

Alternatively, we can tell you locations for them. Do note, that these locations aren’t exact as their spawns can vary, so they’re more of a guideline.

Regardless, one region where they seem to be frequent enough is northwest of Hornica, towards Lesnica. In particular, there’s a valley with a path and a nearby mine in the region, it’s frequent to see bears guarding its entrance. There is also a cave south of the main town, near the stream that runs close to the town, where you might find bears fairly frequently. There are also areas northeast, past Branica and Baranica, where you will find caves guarded by bears.

If these directions still a bit too confusing or vague for you, this map should help give you a clearer idea of where bears generally spawn at:

Bear Locations in Medieval Dynasty

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