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Medieval Dynasty: How to Craft a Stone Axe

Part survival/crafting game, part town building and management sim, Medieval Dynasty has many tools for the player to use, with the stone axe being one of the first any player should obtain.




The stone axe is, early in the game, one of the most important tools in Medieval Dynasty, as it allows you to cut down trees and logs and obtain wood, which is one of the most important materials in the game, being the main building material for a lot of recipes. This guide will show you how to craft your first stone axe.

How to Craft a Stone Axe in Medieval Dynasty

How to Craft a Stone Axe in Medieval Dynasty

To begin with, you’ll have to obtain about 10 sticks and 2 rocks to craft your first stone axe. Sticks are very easy to find: they can be laying on the ground or grabbed from small and young trees. Rocks are a bit harder, however, as they can be obscured by grass.

There should be some near the village’s fence both in the sand and in the grass. Just make sure you keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss them.

After obtaining the materials, you simply have to open the crafting menu by pressing the Q key and selecting the anvil icon and then choose the stone axe. That’s really it, you’ve crafted your first stone axe! You can then equip it from your inventory and start using it to chop logs and obtain extremely useful wood materials.


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