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Marauders: Which is The Best Weapon | Weapon Tier List

Marauders feature a handful of unique and amazing weapons, but of the many weapons in the game, only a few can be truly called the best.




In this Marauders weapon tier list, we’re going to have a look at some of the best weapons in the game, including guns and weapons for ships. Do take note that their stats are currently based on the Closed Alpha release, so you can expect some changes between now, the Beta, and the full release of the game.

Which are the Best Weapons in Marauder

As mentioned, there are two types of weapons we’ll be looking at: guns and weapons for ships. Let’s take a look at the guns firsts.

Best Guns in Marauder

In the S Tier, one of the best weapons you can use is the Sawed Off Shotgun as it’s very useful and powerful in close encounters. It also occupies your pistol slot instead of the main weapon slot, allowing you to add another powerful weapon to your arsenal.

There’s also the fully modded BAR which you can upgrade up to 40 rounds and add a compensator to reduce its recoil. In the bottom tier, you’ll find the Terminator as it has a very long reload time for a single round despite doing a lot of damage per shot.

There’s also the LPO Flamethrower which has a very poor range and most often than not will cause you to die quickly instead of your target.

Best Ship Weapons in Marauder

Compared to guns, the number of ship weapons in the game is much smaller, providing you with very limited options.

However, as far as ship weapons go, the best weapon so far is the Flak Turret due to its perfectly balanced fire rate, explosion radius, and number of shots. If you’re aiming to shoot down enemy boarding pods, this should be your go-to weapon.

An honorable mention goes to the Nuclear Launcher which does ridiculous amounts of damage, though it does fall short due to its slow reload and travel time.

For the most part, you can only reliably use it on enemies that are near large objects so you can fire at the object behind for splash damage.

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