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How to ACTIVATE Sabrina’s Cyber Shredder in RB Battles

Use this guide to activate it!

Doben Villaruz



how to activate sabrinas cyber shredder in rb battles

In this day and age, video games are about more than just gaming; they are about making connections, in-game communication, and, most importantly, world-building. And if that’s your favorite genre, Roblox is the place to be! Roblox is a Roblox Corporation online game platform and game creation system that allows players to program games and play games created by other users. (It actually reminds me of VR Chat.)

Roblox: How Do I Activate It? 

how to activate sabrinas cyber shredder in rb battles2

As gamers, we’ve always wanted to make sure we were on the right track, so today we’ll show you how to activate Sabrina’s Cyber Shredder. To proceed, you must first collect all of the Event Items and then go to the RB Battle Hub.

how to activate sabrinas cyber shredder in rb battles3

So you must visit this location that is found in the RB Battle Hub. Those circles are actually indicators that you can put something in them, which are your collected Event Items.

how to activate sabrinas cyber shredder in rb battles4

All you have to do is place all of the Event Items in those circles (there are 8 of them). And if you’re wondering if there is an order sequence to placing the items, there isn’t one; the items can be placed randomly.

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how to activate sabrinas cyber shredder in rb battles5

And now you may want to go all the way up to the top, where you will see the RB Battle sign; simply jump all the way up until you reach the very top of the signage.

how to activate sabrinas cyber shredder in rb battles6

And once you reach the top of the signage, a key will appear, and you will simply need to press the “E” keyboard button to take it.

how to activate sabrinas cyber shredder in rb battles7

So the next thing you’ll do is to head over to Sabrina’s room which is near the punching bag area and you will see Sabrina’s Room use the key to unlock the door and voila~ And you now officially unlock Sabrina’s room.

how to activate sabrinas cyber shredder in rb battles8

Head up all the way across the room until you see a indicator that says Place Shredder; simply press the “E” keyboard button to place the Shredder.

image 3

Head to the right side of where you are now and you’ll see a guitar chord screen; once there, click on the chords shown in the image, two lines on B and one line on C. (You can also follow the arrows in the picture above.)

image 2

After that, go to the section where you’ll see the rings besides the chords screen, and click the circle at the very top and the circle at the second bottom and after that hit the “Play” button

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image 1

After that, when you click the “Play” button, the box near the play button will display the word “Asus4”, indicating that you have completed the first puzzle. (When you finish all of the puzzles, the words “Asus4, F, Dm.” will appear on the white box below.)

image 1

So let’s move on to the next puzzle. Click on the two A chords, one B chord, and one beneath the C chord. Then simply press the “Play” button, and if it flashes green, it means they’re all correct. (You can also refer to the illustration above.)

how to activate sabrinas cyber shredder in rb battles13

And for the next puzzle, start by pressing the fourth circle, then the top one for A column, the third column for B, and the second column for C, then press the Play button and tada! Sabrina’s Cyber Shredder Guitar has been activated!

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