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Fortnite: How to Get the SECRET Sledge Pickaxe

The Covert Ops quests in Fortnite are back with new challenges you need to complete. Once successful, you will be awarded a stylish Sledge Pickaxe.




The Fortnite Cover Ops quests are only available for a limited time, so you need to finish all stages of Phase 1 before it disappears. Only then can you complete the other phases, which can be accessed when they go live. All in all, there will be a total of four stages.

How to Get the SECRET Sledge Pickaxe in Fortnite

Once you complete all of the Fortnite Covert Ops task deadlines and finish Phase 4 of the mission, the Secret Sledge pickaxe will be rewarded to you. You can equip it on your locker and bash your way through walls and other obstacles. The first phase can be completed by following the steps below.

Completing Phase 1

When you go to your quests tab, you will immediately see the Covert Ops quest. The first stage of Phase 1 requires you to establish a Device Uplink in Zero Build.

To do this, play in Zero Build mode and look for transmission icons on your map. A hologram projection will appear there. The next stage will then ask you to Eliminate 10 Players in Zero Build.

Once you complete Phase 1, you will have to wait until Phase 2 becomes accessible.

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