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Fortnite Creative 2.0: How to Play the Fortnite Chapter 1 Map

Be a pro at the Chapter 1 map at Fortnite!

Sumera Bakshi



Thanks to Creative 2.0, the OG Chapter 1 maps are back in play! The decision to bring the chapter 1 maps was to create a buzz amongst the Fortnite fanbase, and to be fair, it has created quite a ripple.

The immensely popular and highly rated game has brought back its most loved and original maps for its fanbase.

In case you’re wondering, Creative 2.0 is basically the more improved version of Fortnite’s Creative mode.

So a race to create the OG map started as soon as Creative 2.0 announced its plans. While there are some still in development, you can still find a few servers that have created the maps.

The maps are still in the Beta version, so you won’t get the smooth gameplay as the official Battle Royale Modes. Let’s look at the two of them.

Atlas OG Battle Royale

Source: TaborHill

Creator: AtlasCreative

Island Code: 2179-7822-3395v4

One of the most popular maps of Fortnite, Atlas is back online, and you can have a go at it by using the code above. Do note that when you start the game, the game itself will warn you that this is a beta version and not a finished one. 

If you don’t pay any heed to the beta version warning, then you will discover that it is a beta version because there are still some parts of the map that need to be fixed and updated.

Luckily, the team of AtlasCreative is currently working on it.

The map can hold up to 50 players currently instead of 100, but that will be fixed soon too.

The map still features an array of weapons and consumables that were present during that era. It is still as much fun to have a go at one of your beloved maps as it was back then!

Reboot Royale – OG Fortnite


Creator: TheBoyDilly

Island Code: 4464-0648-9492

Yet another of the OG maps again from Chapter 1 Season 3, Reboot Royale can hold up to 80 players in its lobby which is a significant increase from the Atlas map.

While the new Fortnite maps and its loots are generally more rapid and quirky, Reboot Royale has an old-school feel because the loot generally feels a bit more balanced. 

Reboot Royale also has some issues that need to be updated and fixed, especially the Dusty Depot region. Then again, the creators are hard at work to iron out those issues.

The appeal of these OG maps is that the creators have actually gone back to the roots of the game and have created the mechanics that were part of the OG game. They have pulled back on the newer mechanics for these maps and just let the OG maps be OG. 

So these are the two OG maps that are in play right now thanks to Creative 2.0 and you can check out the game yourself by inserting the codes we have provided you with in the above segments. Enjoy!

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