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Fortnite: How to Complete the Lantern Fest Puzzle Quests

Participate in the puzzle-filled world of Fortnite




If you think about it, Fortnite is more than just looting and shooting. The game is, in fact, complex and can offer you different exciting activities such as this Lantern Fest Puzzle Quest.

Here you will be joining a community-made map. Inside, you will be asked to finish weekly and daily tasks such as solving puzzles and more.

Lantern Fest Puzzle Quests in Fortnite

To join this fun map, you will have to enter the code 3691-9667-3697. Once you get inside, you will be able to see and check the quests that you are about to do.

There are weekly challenges that you can do to earn XP and easily progress in their battle pass. However, as you walk inside this map, you will see tall signage showing the other challenges that you can do while inside.

Source: Tabor Hill

But what we would like to focus on in this guide is solving the Lantern Puzzle in this Lantern Fest.

Lantern Fest Puzzle Quest Guide

Source: Tabor Hill

From the stairs that led you to the big list of challenges, go to the northwest of Bounty Boulevard. There, you will see a green structure with glass walls.

Take note that you can only get inside the building and start the game if there is no player inside or if the puzzle is not ongoing. Otherwise, head inside and start the puzzle.

As you enter and start the puzzle, you will be spawned in front of five glass canisters. What you have to do here is hit the canisters in the correct order in under 30 seconds.

To complete this, here is the correct sequence of how you should interact with them: Camel, Sun, Island, Cactus, and Palm Tree.

Interacting with these canisters has some delays so it is important to move instantly once you get spawned inside this puzzle.

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