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Elden Ring: How to Get Alexanders Shard | Quest Guide

Alexander’s quest is long and challenging with several interactions along the path. There’s Alexander’s shard you can readily pick up when you complete the quest.




Encountering Iron Fist Alexander is quite the challenge with his combination of a jolly and courageous demeanor of a knight of Catarina. Alexander’s quest is extensive with some of the missions optional, but if you want to see the end of the quest, you’ll need to run the Jar Bairn and Diallos quests.

You’ll typically find Alexander stuck on the ground asking for help. You can choose to help him up or just leave him there on the floor.

You can also fight him and when you defeat him, he drops 1500 runes, a Warrior Jar Shard if you fight him before the Crumbling Farum Azula, the Shard of Alexander, and Alexander’s innards if you fight him at the Crumbling Farum Azula.

How To Get Alexander’s Shard | Quest Guide – Elden Ring

 The Alexander’s Shard is an essential talisman that helps you boost the attack power of your skills. The questline is a long one but seeing it through to the Crumbling Farum Aula gives you the Alexander’s Shard.

You can reach here from the Dragon Temple Lift grace which you’ll access by using two stonesword keys.

Move past the Plaza filled with the undead on the stairs, turn right, and you’ll come across the two square bracket-shaped archways. Jump on this archway on the left and move over to the other side.

You’ll find alexander on a flat area after you cross the crumbling tower. He’ll challenge you to a warrior’s duel and if you win, you’ll get the shards. If you lose, you can continue challenging till you win.

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Terraria: How to Find Every New Critter in 1.4.4 Update

The 1.4.4 update for Terraria introduces a handful of new critters into the game that you can find in various locations.





There have been quite a few additions to the 1.4.4 update of Terraria. One of these additions is the new critters that you can find in various locations throughout the game.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at what those critters are and how you can find them.

How to Find Every New Critter in 1.4.4 Update in Terraria

There are around four new critters that were added to the game in the 1.4.4 update. They’re as follows:


Credits: Waasephi

The Stinkbug is a tiny, flying critter that can spawn in the Forest biome. It’s quite easy to catch using a bug net, and you can use it as bait with a 10% Bait Power. Apart from that, you can also combine it with a Platinum Broadsword in order to create the Flymeal sword at a Honey pool.


The second critter is the Toucan which is a bird that can spawn on the surface, particularly in the Jungle biome. It has very little HP and zero defense, so if you want to catch it, you need to use a bug net. If you’re not careful, you can easily kill this bird due to its low health.

You can keep it inside a Toucan Cage (combine it with a Terrarium) and use it as decoration. However, do keep in mind that the Toucan will no longer be able to get outside of the cage after that.


Cockatiels come in gray and yellow variants, and you can normally find them in the Jungle biome, the same as the Toucan. Also, they have very little health with no defense, so using a bug net to capture them is a must.

As with the Toucan, you can use them as decoration by creating a Cockatiel Cage by combining your captured Cockatiel with a Terrarium.


Lastly, we have the Macaws which share the same spawning point as the previous two birds. They also have the same stats and can be placed inside the Macaw Cage to serve as decoration.

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