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Elden Ring: How To Counter Jump Attacks

Elden Ring’s jump button: It isn’t just for jumping over pesky puddles or avoiding pesky NPC conversations – it’s also a secret weapon in combat!




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In Elden Ring, the jump button serves a dual purpose. It allows players to explore the game world and navigate through different environments, but it also adds an extra layer of depth to combat. Jumping can be used to perform powerful attacks and can be an effective strategy in battles. But with great power comes great responsibility, so be sure to punish your reckless enemies with the help of this article.

How to Counter Jump Attacks in Elden Ring

Jump attacks can be useful in a variety of situations, including when the player is trying to attack enemies from a distance or when they want to avoid taking damage from close-range attacks. However, jump attacks also have a longer recovery time after they are performed, meaning that the player may be vulnerable to attack for a short period of time after the jump attack lands.

Space & Hit

In Elden Ring, it is possible to counter a jump attack by using spacing and hit. This means that you can use your character’s positioning and timing to your advantage in order to land a hit on your opponent after they have performed a jump attack.

One way to do this is to wait for the opponent to initiate their jump attack and then quickly move out of the way, positioning yourself so that you can land a hit on them as they recover from the jump. The recovery period after a jump attack is typically longer than other attacks, so this can provide an opportunity for you to strike.

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Moving Around Your Enemy

Some other way to counter a jump attack is to move around your enemy while they are jumping. By positioning yourself on the side or behind your enemy while they are in the air, you can avoid the jump attack and potentially set yourself up for a counterattack. With this, you are taking advantage of the vulnerability that the jump attack creates to land a hit on your enemy. Bonus if you get behind them and perform a backstab.

Jump attacks often leave the enemy vulnerable and open to counterattacks, so this can be a good opportunity to move around to their back and strike. It’s important to note that not all enemies can be backstabbed, and some may be immune to this type of attack. In addition, some enemies may have attacks or abilities that can hit you from behind, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and watch out for potential threats.

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It can also be helpful to have a range of tactics and strategies in your arsenal to effectively handle different situations.

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Just Be Aggressive

Another way to counter a jump attack in Elden Ring is to get up close and personal with your enemy. By being aggressive and not giving them the space they need to safely execute the jump attack, you can either force them to cancel the jump or land in an unfavorable position. This can be a good way to assert control and put pressure on your opponent.

To stay close to your enemy, try using tactics such as blocking and dodging to avoid their attacks and maintain your position.

You can also use offensive moves and combos to keep them on their toes and stop them from jumping in the first place. Just be aware of your own positioning and try to avoid getting too close, as this can leave you vulnerable to attacks.

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